Stay Organized: Busy Season

Happy Monday Friends! I hope that you are having a great week so far. If you’re anything like me then you’re busy busy busy! So Im sharing some of the things I do to stay on track and push through a busy season, without hopefully feeling too overwhelmed!

Here are some of my tips!

  1. To do lists - I dont know about you but lists are my favorite and here why

    • I can see everything on paper, this gives me the full picture

    • It makes the list less scary, sometimes I have all these things swirling in my head that I have to do. And it just feels like it get bigger and bigger in my head. So if I write it down or say it out loud that power gets taken away.

    • I can prioritize and mark the big ticket items

    • See what NEEDS to be done verses what I WANT done. Sometimes I start a to do list and then you can’t stop me. I just add everyone on there that I’ve always wanted to do. Writing lists help me to say do I need to do this or would it just be nice.

  2. Calendar Invites - I have been inviting Henry to calendar invites for our weekend to dedicate time to get specific things done. I write questions or thoughts I have in the invite so we can be effective and efficient with our time. It also forces us to slow down and make sure we are still moving full steam ahead.

    • I think it’s important though to note, be flexible with this though. Sometimes I put things on the calendar for Saturday and then life happens and I would get all anxious that from 10-11 I was suppose to work on the blog. Just remember you’ll get to it and give yourself some grace. The calendar invite is more to help remind you to do it!

  3. Family calendar - In google Henry and I created a family calendar which has been a life saver because he can see things that I want us both to do or what I’m busy doing. It really helps to keep our days straight and have more visibility on whats going on!

  4. Figure out what really NEEDS to get done - As I said above to do lists help me to see all the things I think need to be done and prioritize what really needs to be done. For example, sometimes I add to my list like clean the baseboards. No getting food rsvp’s for the wedding needs to be done the baseboard cleaning doesn’t. And while we are at is rsvp’s dont really NEED to be done. But I’d be nice. Paying my bills NEEDS to be done ;)

  5. Schedule time for rest and recharge - If you need to put this on your calendar, do it!! Make sure you are making the most with your time though. I always feel ilke watching tv will be more realizing that it is. Usually I just spend my time thinking of all the things I have to do. So maybe schedule an hour to color, read or take a bubble bath. Something that really helps me disconnect!

  6. Prioritize - I can’t say this enough, not only figure out what needs to be done and what doesn’t. But get the big stuff done first. Sometimes I do a few small things just to get me feeling good and warmed up but then just tackle the big things. They always seem bigger in your head and will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

  7. Meal prep - If you can meal prep so that all your meals are ready for the week. This is a huge time saver when you’re hustling and bustling. If you can’t meal plan try to order some healthy meals. Keep your body fueled in the right way. Eating sporadically or eating junk will not keep you moving. It will slow you down but not in a good way!

  8. Try to make time for walks - For me this helps clears my mind or helps me to think of other things that need to be done that I forgot about. It also helps me put everything into perspective and just take a breath. Sometimes we feel so busy we don’t have time to slow down. But in reality we do and we will feel more refreshed and productive getting back to the list.

  9. Drink a lot of water - If you have to knock out a lot to do at your desk, make sure you fill up a big glass of water before you sit down. Water helps from getting pesky headaches and makes you get up everyone once in a while for the bathroom to take a break! Silly I know but water really does help me to just feel better.

  10. Put your phone down - If you really need to get stuff done, put your phone away. Get rid of all notification on your phone or computer and just get it done!

  11. Pomodoro method - I wrote about this in my productivity post. But I love the pomodoro method for when I really need to get stuff done. 25 minutes of work 5 minutes of break. They say though don’t go on social media or anything in the 5 minutes and I agree if you’re really getting stuff done. I would say don’t even check emails. Its distracting and can get you off tangent. I use the focus keeper app. Seriously if you give this you’re all you’ll be amazed by what you get done!

  12. Buy things you need to - If you need to save time, pay people to help. Your time is a hot commodity, if cleaning the house will take up too much of your time and you don’t have that to give, pay someone. Sometimes saving time and the stress is worth more than just money!

  13. Sleep - Its important to make time for sleep so that you can really tackle the day. Bad sleep and feeling groggy will not help you to push through this stressful time.

  14. Workout - Working out is great, if you have time. If you don’t, its okay! I use to stress so much about not getting all my work outs in. But now I just eat healthy and know Im doing everything I can! Working out is a lifestyle not which means its okay if I miss some, its not going anywhere.

  15. Some Tools - Here are some notebooks I like if I really need to get stuff done. This one and this one for lists. I like this one for agendas. This is for the pomodoro method. Here’s a cute timer if you need it!

  16. MOST IMPORTANTLY - Don’t stress too much, at the end of the day all this stuff will get done will get done. It’s not worth it to drive yourself crazy during these periods. Just take a deep breath and remind yourself you’re doing the best you can!

I hope some of these tips help you! Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you do during a really busy time in your life! I’d love to know!

Advice for Working at Home

So for my day job and for the blog, I do a lot of work at home, which is great a terrible at the same time.  Pro - Always having a messy bun and sweatpants.  Con - Living in my work space.  

So I've come up with a few tips that  I have learned along a the way that can hopefully help you if you work from home as well! 

  1. Morning Routine - Figure out your routine, whether its; journaling, making breakfast, showering, working out.  Try to get into a routine similar to what you would do if you went into work.  This helps to get your mind ready to work and adds consistency to your day.  Something that sometimes can lack when working from home.  
  2. Set Hours - [According to when works for you] If you are a morning person maybe you want your house from 8-5, if you're a night owl maybe something more 11-8 works.  Find something for you but its important to not work outside of those hours.  Its hard when you work from home to feel like you're constantly on the clock but leaving work in those hours really helps! 
  3. Prioritize to do list - Writing a to-do list helps my day to be so much more productive.  I also put notes on the list like what NEEDS to be done verses what I WANT.  I wrote a post about productivity that you can check out here
  4. Make a space - I have a desk that I work at but I know I write for my blog best in my reading corner.  It's nice for me to separate the spaces so that I know when Im in that space its for a certain thing.  Its hard if I work on the couch to not relax like always and get tired. 
  5. Clean work space - A clean space just really helps me to not have a cluttered mind so I take 5 minutes to clean it off before I get started.
  6. Try not to get distracted - Sometimes when we work from home our family or roommates think we are accessible.  Its important to say you are working now and not to be bothered.
  7. Go for walks - Being inside all day can be draining and make you stir crazy.  Going on walks is really important and if it's a crappy day just eating lunch in a different room works too.
  8. Get ready or Dont ? - Some people work better when they get ready for the day just like going into an office.  I need to be in sweatpants.  But there is something to be said for getting up and showering just to start your day and have some routine. 
  9. Plan snacks and meals like you would for work - This makes the day much easier and helps me from over eating.  Working from home means you have access to all your food so I try to plan ahead so I don't munch all day. 
  10. Always have water near by - I think this just helps me to be much more productive, especially because I get headaches so easily when I am dehydrated! 
  11. Comfy chair - My chair currently sucks and it makes it hard to work all day long without needing to move in some way. So I steal H's usually. 
  12. Playlist - I like a chill playlist but ones that I can bob my head to. It helps me to be productive.  I have shared mine below and an instramental one as well! 

I hope some of these tips help! Do you have any for me? I'd love to hear them! 

New way to be productive

Hi guys, so as I have said before I'm really using this month to reset a lot of my habits and try to engrain good routines and ways of doing work.  I recently received the productivity planner and it's really changed my way of how I complete task.  I wanted to share some of my findings and what worked for me and what didnt! 

From the productivity planner here are some of the main concepts

  1. Pick 5 tasks or fewer
  2. Start with the most important task first
  3. Don't move onto the next task until the first one is done
  4. Break everything up into 25 minute chunks (called pomodoro) 
  5. Always have what you need by your side; snacks, coffee or tea, and ALWAYS water
  6. Take 5 minute breaks after 25 minutes of working; don't go on social media, refresh your drinks, use the restroom, get fresh air or stretch.
  7. Never do half of 25 minutes
  8. Put your phone on do not disturb and tell people you are working so there are less distractions

I found that when I started using the book I would try to cram 5 small things into the 25 minutes, and thats not really the purpose.  I thought at first the whole 25 minute thing was weird but I LOVE it.  I feel like it is a short enough time that I have to concentrate but long enough to really get a lot done.  I also feel like if I don't complete something in 25 minutes, I can move onto the next and walk away.

I completely agree with the breaks, sometimes with the blog I'm constantly on social media but I often get distracted or my mind wanders and thats not conducive to getting stuff done. 

focus keeper review promodoro method review

I also have trouble with starting my most important task first, sometimes I need a little warm up.  This could also be why I always have task hovering over myself though! 

Another part of the journal is seeing how productive your day was and writing notes. One of the main goal is though if you get that 1st task done, all in all it was a pretty productive day.  This is not the type of journal where you write your 45 chores.  It really gets to the basics. 

I use this app called Focus Keeper, its free but it is set up with 25 minutes on 5 minute break and it goes in cycles of 4.  I love it, it helps me to keep track of time but not get too caught up in a task. 

I highly recommend the Productivity planner theres lots of helpful tips and quotes! Also I find my playlist "Instrumental Pop" helps me to be super productive! 


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