October Intentions

Hey Guys, I hope you are having a fabulous October so far! I wish it was a little cooler in Ohio but I will take the good weather.  This post is coming to you with some of my October intentions!  I recently had an epiphany the other day about my attitude towards things, so Im excited for this month and switching things up.

While I was shopping at the mall last week I felt extremely overwhelmed and was throwing a pity party for myself for many reasons.  And I felt like the only thing that could make me feel better was having a new day, but it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I had so much day left.  So I stopped myself and I bullied the part of my brain that was bringing me down, I bought myself a Starbucks and I threw all my energy into having a good day. And guess what? I did! 

So my intentions for this month are:

1.  Throw all my extra energy into having good thoughts! I know this isn't possible but I really am realizing the more good energy I put out the more it comes back to me.  Instead of constantly thinking about what I felt like I was lacking.  "What you focus on you get more of" - One of my friends told me once

2. Complete a mini work out 5 out of 7 days.  Even if its only 10 minutes I'm really just working on habit and some strenght training this month!

Those are all my intentions, Im keeping it simple this month.  Going with less is more.  What are your intentions!! I'd love to hear!

August Intentions

Can you believe its August already? A new month, another opportunity to improve my everyday life.  I really took some time to think about what my intentions are this month and to take it more seriously that the months before. 

My July intentions were to put myself out there, worry less and push myself.  And I feel like I did a pretty bad job of following through on those things.  But I thought of some other intentions that fall in line with some of these things but are a different approach.

So here it is with what I want for this coming month!

Stick with my new gym program - I recently purchased a groupon for  a new yoga studio because I thought that not only would it be good for my body but really my mind.

Keep up with the blog - I really thought in the past month that maybe I should quit the blog.  Even though I was doing well with it I just wasn’t feeling like it anymore.  I felt like people came to the blog most for the wallpapers and not enough for what I had to say so why bother.  And then I spill a whole cup of coffee on my computer and I thought that was a sign. But then someone sent me a really nice note saying they found my blog authentic and interesting.  Now I do this blog for me but of course I want people to read.  And that made me feel like I was doing something right.  I sat down and wrote down all my ideas of blogs and was like "wow thats a lot".  I feel like creative it a steam of water and I felt like it was just trickling but when I gave myself more than 5 seconds beforeI gave up there was a ton of content and it was much more of a stream of creativity.

Be Confident in myself -  I question and doubt myself so much, it holds me back every day from reaching my potential and trying new things.  I want everything I do to be 110%.  Which isn’t a bad thing but I also feel like you have to try different things to improve.  Rarely are you going to try something and have it be amazing on the first try.  I need to know that I may fail sometimes but at least Im trying to do my best and I should give myself more credit.  I bet you should give yourself more credit too.

What are you August Intentions?

Candidly Keri Set Back

Hi Guys, today I come to you with a little bit of a sadder post.  It's been a tough couple of weeks with putting myself out there, giving everything my 110% effort and feeling like I'm coming up short every time.  Sometimes it feels like you just keep getting knocked back down no matter what.

To top everything off, while taking photos for the blog I spilled a whole cup of coffee on my laptop.  I will need to buy a whole new computer and all I ask of you is to help send some positive prays/thoughts/vibes my way. I love the blog, I love trying new things, creating and producing the best things I possibly can and learning while I do it. This has been a pretty big set back for me and the blog unfortunately. 

Any positive notes you have would really bring me some hope and happiness. Also I would appreciate it if you could possibly think about supporting the blog. I have recently bought a new camera, lighting, and props and now I'll need a new computer.  I currently make no money from the blog since all content is free. Even $5 would really help. Anything can help. 

This is defiantly a set back but I promise to continue to output great content although it may be delayed.

If you'd like to support the blog you can here. 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, can't wait to get back to it.  Hopefully better and stronger!