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NOTE: NOTHING IN THE SHOP HAS SHIPPING ITS ALL DIGITAL! I got some response on my survey that people haven't bought anything because of shipping in different countries but all my products are digital and get sent to your computer right away!

Of course, there are new 3 Month and 1 month wallpapers here are a few of my favorite! I love the 3 months to stay organized!

Printable Calendars! There are ones that you can fill in or some have you can hang and have the year there all year long! They come in some of my favorite colors.  Be sure to get your hands on them to help you get organized!


Work with me! I am opening a few spots these coming months to make wallpapers or designs for your business.  So if you have a blog and like to offer some wallpapers or freebies, I am your girl! I also am willing to design something!

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We worked really hard on this, but there is a new archive that hopefully makes life easier to find and search for old wallpapers.  Here is the link to the desktop page!


There some new printables on the site too! I did this last year but I think these are so clean and you can fill them in and color them if you want! 


Just purchase this in the store and fill it out! unfortunately, I get a lot of inquiries about people wanting personal wallpapers.  I do the best that I can to provide a lot of free items but I get too many inquiries that all want items for free.  In order to make it worth Henry and I's time, you have to go to the store. Thank you for your understanding!


Let's not forget the playlist! I have updated all of the playlist and Im loving them so far.  Theres something for everyone! 


Prints! There are new an improved prints, perfect for your office, home or just reminders around the house! Again you get these sent to your inbox so you decide how you want to print them!

Cards! Another new section! I added cards so you could get them and print them off in a pinch if you wanted! I'm excited about this new section and I hope you are too!

Advice for Working at Home

So for my day job and for the blog, I do a lot of work at home, which is great a terrible at the same time.  Pro - Always having a messy bun and sweatpants.  Con - Living in my work space.  

So I've come up with a few tips that  I have learned along a the way that can hopefully help you if you work from home as well! 

  1. Morning Routine - Figure out your routine, whether its; journaling, making breakfast, showering, working out.  Try to get into a routine similar to what you would do if you went into work.  This helps to get your mind ready to work and adds consistency to your day.  Something that sometimes can lack when working from home.  
  2. Set Hours - [According to when works for you] If you are a morning person maybe you want your house from 8-5, if you're a night owl maybe something more 11-8 works.  Find something for you but its important to not work outside of those hours.  Its hard when you work from home to feel like you're constantly on the clock but leaving work in those hours really helps! 
  3. Prioritize to do list - Writing a to-do list helps my day to be so much more productive.  I also put notes on the list like what NEEDS to be done verses what I WANT.  I wrote a post about productivity that you can check out here
  4. Make a space - I have a desk that I work at but I know I write for my blog best in my reading corner.  It's nice for me to separate the spaces so that I know when Im in that space its for a certain thing.  Its hard if I work on the couch to not relax like always and get tired. 
  5. Clean work space - A clean space just really helps me to not have a cluttered mind so I take 5 minutes to clean it off before I get started.
  6. Try not to get distracted - Sometimes when we work from home our family or roommates think we are accessible.  Its important to say you are working now and not to be bothered.
  7. Go for walks - Being inside all day can be draining and make you stir crazy.  Going on walks is really important and if it's a crappy day just eating lunch in a different room works too.
  8. Get ready or Dont ? - Some people work better when they get ready for the day just like going into an office.  I need to be in sweatpants.  But there is something to be said for getting up and showering just to start your day and have some routine. 
  9. Plan snacks and meals like you would for work - This makes the day much easier and helps me from over eating.  Working from home means you have access to all your food so I try to plan ahead so I don't munch all day. 
  10. Always have water near by - I think this just helps me to be much more productive, especially because I get headaches so easily when I am dehydrated! 
  11. Comfy chair - My chair currently sucks and it makes it hard to work all day long without needing to move in some way. So I steal H's usually. 
  12. Playlist - I like a chill playlist but ones that I can bob my head to. It helps me to be productive.  I have shared mine below and an instramental one as well! 

I hope some of these tips help! Do you have any for me? I'd love to hear them! 

Music Monday: Vol 17

Hi Friends, I hope you are having a fabulous Monday! I am actually looking forward to Mondays now since I get to talk music with all of you! Please comment below if you want me to make any different type of playlist for the site! I'd love your input!

I recently got this album on vinyl and although I like their first album a little better, I love this song off the album. They have such a unique sound with the lead singers voice but I love the rough bass sound and the airy sound of the vocalist come together.

I stumbled across this song and I loved the Indie Pop vibes it gave off.  So catchy

This song reminds me of punk pop for middle school days and hey I love it.  The pop sound with the angsty lyrics.

I love my upbeat Indie songs if you couldn't tell! :) Here is another one of my current favorites!

I love my more rock songs and this is just a nice classic rock song.  Are you guys liking this type of music?

Check out Moon Taxi if you haven't already, I love all of their work.  Their chorus always gets me and I find myself singing it for hours.

I just found this band/song so I for sure want to check out because I love this song!

Im not sure how I feel about this new album but this is one of the songs Im for sure liking.  But I still love the older albums a little bit better!

Tell me your favorites! I love it!

Music Monday: Vol 16

Hi Guys, coming to you with another Music Monday, did you see my review about Vnyl? A subscription to vinys? I have a coupon code if you want, just email me at and Ill hook you up!

Coming to you this week with a lot of Indie Alt goodness and some pop mixed in!

This is one of my favorite from the new KOL album, I love this lighter version of them. Reminds me of Aha Shake Heartbreak but more pop.


I just thing DNCE is so catchy, and Im so happy that their new song didn't fall flat.  All their music makes me want to dance and sing.  I love it!

I stumbled across this song and it was a breath of fresh air.  Its just some indie pop goodness with a good message.

I feel like Parachute always just falls under the radar but they have a few hidden gems and I think this is one of them.  You just find yourself humming it hours later.

Waters seems to just keep creeping into my playlist, I feel like they are Grouplove's sibling and that's not a bad thing.  


I stumbled across this song again and I just wanted to share it in case it wasn't on your radar.  I feel like its the first song to put 1975 on the map.

What are you favorite songs this week? I'd love to take a listen!