Office Make Over

Henry and I are moving to our dream apartment in 5 short weeks and Im so excited! I have had my eye on this location for a while and I can't wait to make it into our home.  With that being said my office space needs a major overhaul. 

Getting all dark furniture from college wasn't one of my better ideas.  So I am getting a white desk! This will be nice for blogging and taking photos.  I hope that one day I can find some wood for the topping but for now its just going to be white! 

Here is some of the Pinterest photos Ive gathered as what Im picturing: 

PS these white cute chairs you see all over Instagram, NOT COMFORTABLE! I work from home some days and sitting on them for a long time made me really uncomfortable and I didn't want to sit in my workspace at all.  I recently got this chair to replace it and its a much better seat! Highly recommend! 

I want to add more dimension to space above my desk.  I use to have this wire grid and it was great in theory but it made that space really flat.  So adding shelves I think will make it much more interesting.

Of course, you have to have some candles and books for inspiration around.  Here are the ones I currently love: 

I thought this little clock was a cute add-on and same with some greenery! I also really like this lamp but I try to keep my space pretty clean so that I can think better and not feel cluttered.  

If you have any tips or must have for your space I'd love to know! 

Here are a lot of the products I mentioned:

Office Decor Ideas

Hi Guys, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite desk items!  I am a firm believer that the space around you can either help you or hurt you.  Whether you have a messy desk which can create a messy mind or a clean desk with items that inspire you!  

I MUST always have a journal or calendar with me, Im constantly writing things does it helps me so much.  I love things that help to organize and combine things as well so that not too much space is taken up on my desk.  I've added a few things too that allow you to hang photos or showcase quotes.  I think adding motivation things to your desk just helps to put you in a nice mindset as well! 

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One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six //

I'm clearly really loving the gold theme lately if you couldn't tell.  Along with journals and organizational things,  I love adding some greenery, whether its faux plants, succulents or a bouquet, I just love them all.  Something I have also been loving too is Exotic Pink Salts Himalayan Salt Lamp, 1 Pound help with allergens and an all over good vibe.  Im also OBSESSED with these little cactus guys and their pots!

Here is some desk inspiration for you to pull from! These images are from Pinterest.

What is your MUST HAVES for you desk?


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