Movie Marathon

So H LOVES movies, while I on the other live for TV shows. Cause why does it have it end?? Anyways, Im trying to watch more movies with him, so for fun we decided to start a list.  I came up with a list of 5 of my favorites movies I wanted him to watch and he came up with 5 of his own. We wanted to share out list with you! 

Keri's 5:

  1. Crazy Stupid Love - This is just an awesome romantic comedy with a twist at the end that keeps you hooked all movie.
  2. The Notebook - Henry's never seen this and he just has to.  Its such a good story that pulls at your heart strings and is a classic. 
  3. Hocus Pocus - One of my all time favorite movies.  I sorta dont like rewatching movies when I can predict the movie but this is one I will watch a few times during halloween! 
  4. Titanic - Again, how has he never seen this.  I haven't seen it in forever but Im really just trying to mark off some of the major romantic classics with my guy. 
  5. Homeward Bound - This movie makes me cry every time since I had a golden but its just a movie I grew up and watched with my dad. 

Henry's 5 (he had a lot to say, again, he loves movies):

Fight Club - To me, Fight Club is one of those movies that gets better the more you watch it. You begin to see details you missed in your first viewing, dialogue changes its meaning once you've seen the entire story, and characters motivations become more clear. To me its a different movie after you've seen it once and I can't think of another movie that does the same thing quite as well as Fight Club. It's also directed by one of my favorite directors David Fincher, who has such great cinematography and gives each scene such care into how its shown to the audience. I want Keri to watch this so she can experience such a unique film that delivers on so many levels.

Interstellar - Another one of my favorite directors, Christopher Nolan, has a lot of great films. I went back and forth on which one I wanted to pick to have Keri see. Inception is great, the Batman movies are fun, and Memento is a trip, but I decided to pick Interstellar for a few reasons. First, science fiction is my favorite genre, and the story of Interstellar is great science fiction. So much of it is based on real science that it gives the feeling that what you are watching is real. And with all the big set pieces of action and danger, the main drive is the story of a father trying to get home to his daughter which gives Interstellar such a strong emotional center. Second, the visual effects harken back to old sci fi movies from the 70s like Close Encounters and the original Star Wars movies. Interstellar uses models and practical effects instead of just leaning on CGI (computer generated imagery) to create its world. Its a small touch but something I feel is missing from the huge Hollywood blockbusters today. And third is the score. The music in Interstellar, composed by Hans Zimmer, is just epic and is something I would love Keri to hear while seeing an amazing story unfold. 

The Godfather - It's a classic! Some movies you just have to see once in your life and The Godfather is absolutely one of them. No question.

The Big Lebowski - This one was an easy choice for me. The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite comedies of all time. The writing is genius, the characters are unforgettable, and the jokes make me laugh every time. Its a weird movie for sure and its not for everyone, but thats why I picked this for Keri, to expose her to something outside of the normal comedy movie you see these days. Directed by the Coen brothers, this movie has some of the best dialogue I can think of and is a master class of character development and pacing. I know Keri would never pick this movie for herself so this is a must on my list.

Jurassic Park - For the last movie on my list I went with a Stephen Spielberg classic, Jurassic Park. I have this on my list for a few reasons; the visual effects created a movie revolution, the story is another great piece of science fiction, and its another one of those great movies everyone should see once. As a kid I remember seeing it for the first time and being blown away by seeing dinosaurs come to life in such a spectacular way. Its one of those movie memories I want to share with Keri. 

What's on your list?