Advice for going back to School/College

Hi, Guys!

I know so many people are either back at school or going back soon and here is some advice I wish I could have told myself knowing what I do now! I hope this is helpful! I'd love to hear where you go to school and what you're studying!

  • Get Involved - I feel like I was happiest when I was involved and with my sorority, always having something to do and meeting people. It's really important to always expand your circle, people change and you always want a good group of friends surrounding you!
  • Study Smart - I feel like there were so many times that I just went to the library and texted, and then didn't do well on a test.  If you sit and focus best you can for an hour rather than sit there all day half studying you will do much better I promise!
  • Learn - Take classes you enjoy and actually pay attention, I feel like there were so many classes that I was like this is useless but I really could have learned a lot more and implemented it a lot better.  Or if I paid better attention in class I wouldn't have had to study too hard.
  • Go to office hours- That one on one with the teach is always helpful and make sure you ask questions if you have them!
  • Don't worry about grades too much - This is for all the studyiers out there.  School is of course very important but go to football games and parties those will be some of your best memories!
  • Enjoy it! - Don't wish it by too fast.  I know so many people who wish that they were just done with school and an "adult" but I have, to be honest.  College was my favorite time of my life and I wish to be carefree like I was back then.  I know being an adult is exciting but just enjoy the moment a little.

Good luck this year! You'll do great!