Favorite Oily Skin Products

Hi Friends, I hope that you are having a fabulous week! I wanted to expand upon some of my favorite products that I have found for Oily Skin that isn't just primers like my last post, which you can find here!

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Most of these are drug store options and I love them all for different reasons.

Powders: The NYX mineral is great to set your make up.  I love the feel it gives my skin, very silky.  It helps to set everything and stay matte.  Although I have found myself staying matter longer with the Rimmel.  The only thing I wish about the power is they had a no color one.  I am currently using "translucent" even though it is more for people with fair skin.  I used to mix bother but I find myself skipping the NYX sometimes and just using Rimmel!

Setting Spays:  Just a disclaimer, I have not used the NYX one yet, but I have heard nothing but great reviews and Im dying to try it.  Im also hoping it is a cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay.  Have to be honest at first I didn't get the hype about the Urban Decay one, and then I realized you have to spray a good amount! And then I really saw a difference in my makeup, it didn't break up nearly as fast and I could go all day with out touching up.  The Elf one is not a matte spray, but I like it for when I put powder on over my make up it helps to settle everything and blend a lot better.  It also just helps to re-hydrate the skin so it doesn't get as oily as fast!

Moisturizer:  I have never found a moisturizer that I like better than Clinque's.  I love that it is a gel formula so I feel like I am getting hydrated without it being heavy.  It also soaks into my skin really quickly. 

What are you favorite products right now? Dont forget to shop with Ebates each of these link qualify! 


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Colourpop Review

Hi Friends, Im excited to be giving you another make up review here! So I have been following Colourpop for quite some time through some of my favorite Youtubers.  They recently had a 20% off sale and I knew I had to pick up some items.  Now I didn't get any eye shadow, which is a little crazy but honestly I was just overwhelmed with the choices and I wasn't quite sure what I wanted. So here's what I did pick up and my thoughts!

colourpop products review lippe stick highlight makeup

Wisp - I really like this highlighter! Even though I am fair I have more of a yellow tone and it looks really nice on my face.  Still trying to prefect not making it look too much like a stripe on me! But its a beautiful formula and doesn't take much product to get the perfect highlight!

HoneyDude Liner- This is the perfect nude eyeliner for the waterline of your eyes.  I love how to really makes my eyes pop and yet it last all day.  Highly recommend the liners! I think I like the pencil better than the pots.  But be careful because I twisted too much product out and it broke right off.



Dope Taupe- Sadly this color does not match me at all I should have gone with the blonde I think.  It'a hard to pick a color online.  But I love how small the pencil part is and the spooly on the other side! I need to buy a different color and try again for sure!

Swerve Pot- I love this eyeliner, it stays put all day and takes a lot to come off but that is nice for a matte black eyeliner.  Its a little hard to create a wing with but I think that not having the right tools more than anything!


Shimmy- Love this mauve tone and it last for such a lot time I would recommend hydrating and exfoliating before using ANY liquid lipstick.  But I like how this wore and it didn't wear off weird or anything like that.  Awesome for the price point.

Lumiere - I love this color its a little darker than my natural lip.  I also love that Kathleen Lights created it.  She describes it as a nude but daring color that anyone can wear! 

Solow - Darker and another favorite, will be awesome for summer time!

What are some of your favorite products right now? I'd love to hear!