Morphe Brushes

Hi Friends, so if you didn't know I use to have a subsciption with Morphe through Live Glam where I got a monthly bag of Morphe Brushes for $20.  It usually was worth a lot more but I was trying to grow my brush collection for cheap and I really love Morphe brushes.  So I have hand picked my favorites to share with you if you're looking for some new brushes! 

makeup morphe brushes subscription review

This goes from left to right of the photo

E3- Precision Pointed Powder $16.99 - I love this one for contouring and blush with this pointed edge it can easily get into your cheek bones and works great for blush because its hard to pack on too much product on the tip.

E31- Deluxe Flat Buffer $20.99 This is my all time favorite brush for foundation and getting a flawless finish.

M176- Tapered Blender $4.99 So Im sure this isn't what this brush is used for but I love it for highlight because it spreads it nicely without making a stripe.

M433 - Pro Firm Blending Fluff $5.99 This is a great brush for the crease and getting your second color on your crease, its a little but more precise than a transition color brush.

M200- Deluxe Crease $4.99 - This brush is great for your overall transition color on your crease,

M441- Pro Firm Blending Crease $5.99 - This brush is even more precise than M433 but great for the crease as well.

M167 - Oval Shadow $4.99 This is just a great brush for shadow on the lid and packing the color on.

E39 - Detail Crease $4.99 I like this for detailed crease of course and to get the waterline.

I'm the type of girl that uses brushes for more than one use. I like to keep it simple but this is a great start to add any brushes to your collection! 

There are plenty of coupons through affiliates of Morphe (which means they get a percentage). But you get 10% off and I just pick one of my favorite at the time! 

makeup morphe brushes subscription review

What are your favorite brushes?!