May Morphe Brush Review

Hi Guys! Here is my review for the month of May Morphe Brush Subscription box through Live Glam. I was so excited to get a brush from the Elite collection, but I later found out that they are redoing the line and everything is 40% off.  Which made me feel less special but is super awesome if you want to buy anything from the Elite line! Here is what I got this month:

E1- Deluxe Powder (out of stock) For Powders -  I LOVE THIS BRUSH! I tried to use this as a foundation brush for liquid and that's not recommended.  But it is so easy to set my foundation with a powder and this brush.  Its so large and takes two seconds.  This is a game changer, highly recommend. 

M441 - Pro Firm Blending Crease $5.99- This is more of a precision brush. I would use this for the crease for the darker colors that you want precise.  And then go in with a fluffy brush. 

M433 - Pro Firm Blending Fluff $5.99 For blending eye shadow - This is a super fluffy brush and easy to blend things out, and I like the goat hair! 

Not sure the total for this month, but hoping for more face brushes next month!

April Morphe Brushes

Guys! This is the Morphe Subscription box I have been waiting for! If you've read any of my old review you would know that I have been dying for eye blending brushes and foundation brushes (hopefully thats next month).

Here is what was in Aprils Box!

April Brushes.jpg

M510 Pro Round Blender $7.99 - This is the fluffy brush that everyone talks about for blending.  I never have had such a fluffy brush and it really does smooth out harsh lines.

M505 Tapered Blender $5.99 - 505 and 504 are very similar but this brush is slightly more dense and precise.  I do have one complaint about it though that sometimes the bristles poke and me hurt a little.  First complaint about a Morphe Brush though.

M504 Large Pointed Blender $6.99- A more precise fluffy brush, I like this one for blending as well.

M330 Blending Crease $5.99- Really love this one to blend everything out!

M508 Smudger $3.99 - I don't know why but this is the best smudger I have ever used. It does exactly what it is suppose to without getting product everywhere.  LOVE this one!

The box ended up being of value even though I paid $20.  I am being to have a really large collection of brushes.  I'm hoping next month with be foundation brushes and then after that I may cancel my subscription unless you guys are loving this series! Let me know! Do you have this subscription box or any others? Leave me a comment below