How to: Digit

So I know I talk a lot about saving money on the blog and my love for Digit or Ebates but I never get to say why! Hopefully, you've checked out my post about Ebates and this one is all about Digit! This is perfect for those new year's resolutions of saving more money or saving up for some goals you have! 

*Unfortunately it doesn't work outside of the United States yet. 

Digit is a really cool app that sets up a separate account for you, for $2.99 a month and it saves it. The app studies your habits and it takes enough every few days that you barely even notice it's gone. But it adds up quickly let me tell you. I think I have saved over $3000 with it so far.  I love it because it goes into a separate account and this is where I pull money for some expenses I'm not expecting like new tires or doctors appointments without dipping into my savings account. 

You can also add someone to the account, so, for example, Henry and I can both contribute to a goal for the wedding. 

I really try to not touch that account unless I have to so I love digit that dedicated for things like that.  You can also set goals with it so, for example, I have set goals for it to save money for the wedding, concerts and some new athletic wear. Again I love it because it takes some here and there so I barely even notice. 

The app is super helpful and easy to use! They text you every day and let you know how much is in your checking and you can easily see why it changed.  They also give you interested on how much you've saved so usually my $2.99 is covered! 

Have any questions? Check out the video on digit's homepage, it's super helpful! And here is there FAQ's.

Just thought I'd share why I like these products so much, I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!