Sephora & Ulta Haul Update

Recently I did a huge haul with Sephora and Ulta where I wrote about all the things I wanted to buy.  A few things worked and a few definitely didn't.  So here are my reviews! 

Ps. I used Ebates to make these purchases and got money back.  You can too and get $10 immediately for signing up!


Moisturizer (Night Time) - I got a smaller size and it was $12, not worth it or the price.  Its a nice moisturizer but I dont wake up and feel like my skin is so hydrated.  I wouldn't recommend. 

Moisturizer (Day Time) - I do think this is a great moisturizer because its lightweight and soaks in so quickly.  It's great for my oily skin but Im not sure how hydrating it is.

Cleansing Sponge - I already had one of these but it's a little bit of a hassle to move it from my sink to my shower, so I love it SO much I got another.  Highly recommend, it deep cleans and it gentle.

Make up Remover Wipes - These were okay, I didnt feel like they got everything and it left a residue on my skin.  Good enough if you're in a pinch.

Spot Treatment - THIS BOTTLE IS TINY! I had no idea how small it would be.  I think it works great though and is lasting a lot longer than I expected. 


Primer - I love this stuff.  A little goes a long way though! I realize if I have more of a heavy hand it will ball up under my foundation or stick to my dry patches. But it does keep the oils at bay and thats all I can ask! 

Foundation Option 1 - Hated it, I loved the sample but this oxidized on my skin a lot and did not help my oily skin. 

Foundation Option 2 - I love this foundation, it looks awesome on my skin and helps my oily skin.  I try to sheer it out a little with a wet beauty blender so its not so thick. 

Brow Pencil & Finishing Powder - Just restocked and still love these products so I was happy to have more on hand! 

Colourpop Review!

Hi Friends! So I recently got in an order of Colourpop and this was the first time I had tried anything besides a highlighter and their lippies.  So I wanted to share my thoughts for all of you! (This is not sponsored)

For Fox Sake was a kit of mauve and golden lip colors.  I thought this would be awesome for year round and I needed some more nudes.  It cost only $25 and you can find it here

My Jam, Trap, Echo Park, Man Eater, Beeper

My Jam, Trap, Echo Park, Man Eater, Beeper

My Jam, Trap, Echo Park, Man Eater, Beeper

My Jam, Trap, Echo Park, Man Eater, Beeper

This box contained a gloss, two mattes, a metallic and a satin. The metallic was almost like pure glitter, and a little overwhelming to me.  I can't see myself wearing it on a daily basis. Trap the matte shade was very grey on my skin but I loved how it wore.  It didn't crumble on my lips and stayed on really well.  All of the ultra lip products are very pigmented and it only takes a little which is nice.  I overall like the color selection!

Next I got Love Line a eyeshadow pallet.  I am also weary of eyeshadows like this but they are so soft and buttery the consistency is really nice! One comment I have is that I wished there was more of a transition color, the light pink (Brandy) doesn't work as a transition for me.

Truth, Brandy, Sequin, Static

Truth, Brandy, Sequin, Static

Truth, Brandy, Sequin, Static

Truth, Brandy, Sequin, Static

Sequin is much more golder than appeared on the website.  Colourpop eyeshadow is interesting because you really can't use a brush to apply, your finger is best.  But you can use a brush you just have to dip it in the eyeshadow multiple times.  All of these shadows as super pigmented which I like.  Truth isn't as pigmented as I would like but it is build-able.  I love these colors and they wear nicely.  I would recommend a primer though to help the eyeshadow stick better!

Have you tried Colourpop? What are you currently favorites?  

Morphe Brush Subsciption: March

Hi Guys! I hope you are having a great day, so today I wanted to show you what I got in my March Box for the Morphe Brushes in collaboration with Live Glam. Be sure to check out my post from last month about February and January's Boxes.

This month we got three brushes as shown below, and I wanted to update you with how much it would have cost if I bought the brushes individually for each box so you can see the value since we only got three brushes this month (a little disappointed in that).

March Brushes.jpg

This month included:

M527- Deluxe Pointed Powder $15.99 - I am absolutely obsessed with this brush for blush AND bronzing.  It is great at giving a slight contour without being sure sharp.  It gives definition without being too harsh.  It blends like a dream too

M501- Pro Pointed Blender $7.99 - One of Jaclyn Hill's favorites, it is perfect for highlighting. PERFECT!

M438- Pointed Contour $9.99 - Another one of Jaclyn's favorites and I can see why it is amazing for contouring

Again, I wish we were getting some brushes from different collections and I was upset with the amount of brushes.  But they are really great quality.  This box also had the first goat hair brush and it didn't shed.  I like it a ton, getting a few more boxes then I will have more brushes than I know what to do with!

This box total cost was 33.97 and I paid $20 which includes shipping.  I have updated February and January's Boxes with their cost as well!

Morphe Subscription: Jan & Feb

Hi Friends! I hope you're having a wonderful day. Today I wanted to bring you my review and let you have a sneak peak into the Morphe Brush subscription box through Live Glam. I apologize for getting it out so late but I didn't receive my February box until about Feb 24.  Just to give you a little background about my makeup style, I loveeee makeup.  I watch youtuber's every week on tutorials, reviews, you name it I've probably watched it. That being said I still don't feel like I've mastered contouring.  I love learning but I am by no means a makeup artist myself.  So with this review remember I am just your every day make up lover! I will give you the number, name and description of each brush if given on their website. 

morphe subscription box review make up brushes

M208 $2.99 - Chisel Deluxe Fluff - I don't reach for this brush often

M209 $2.99 - Chisel Pointed Fluff - Or this one :(

M173 - Mini Buffer $9.98 (on sale for $4.99) - [Pack Eye shadow] This packs eye shadow on well but because of the shape and some of the smaller eye shadows I have that brush doesn't fit very well.

M217 - Bent Liner $5.99 (on sale $2.99) - I really didn't like this, I thought it was really difficult to put gel eyeliner on, it was extremely difficult to make a straight line.

M215 - Brow $1.99 - Loved this brush for my eyebrows.  I use powder most days, and I would be careful this brush can pack on product fast.  But it gives a really natural look.

M167 - Oval Shadow $5.99 - [pack on shadow] I have several other brushes like this 

M200- Deluxe Crease $9.99 (on sale for $4.99)- This is EXTREMELY fluffy and will sorta just get shadow all over your crease.  This would be for your very first transition shade and I wouldn't recommend it at all for precision.

Box Total Cost: 39.92

morphe subscription box review make up brushes

M176 - Tapered Blender $4.99 -  [under eyes] I did not like this for under eyes at all. It was super flimsy and hard to blend out. 

M165 - Angel Liner Brow $2.99 - Your typical angel brush

M218 - Blending Fluff $2.99 - Gotta be honest haven't used this one too much

M224- Oval Camouflage $2.99 - [to cover up redness, concealer] I used this to pack on eye shadow but either way its good at packing on product! 

M495 - Duo Deluxe Fan $9.99 - I was excited to use this at first because I thought it would be a great highlighter brush but it was MUCH thicker than that.  Online it says good for fall out and contouring.

M334 - Mini Angled Buffer $5.99 - I tried this for contouring and liked it although it didn't blend the product amazingly.  I plan on trying it for concealer soon.

M333 - Chisel Shader $3.99 - Not quite sure what to use this brush for

M169 - Round Crease $2.29 - This is really good to get in your crease, pack on shadow and really be precise compared to a fluffy blender. 

Box Total Cost: $36.22

Overall I think the box is okay.  This is my first time using Morphe Brushes and I have to say I'm pretty impressed, there is no shedding at all, they feel soft too.  When it comes to the box I am looking for a lot more brushes that are for my face or blending eye shadow.  There are no foundation brushes at all in these boxes which is disappointing.  Also the subscription only pulls from the M series.  I know that the Elite collection has rave reviews, so I wish the brushes were coming from different collections. I feel like the box gives a lot of similar products within it as well.  And a lot I won't use every day. If you are looking to really expand your brush collection then I say go for it.  It cost $20 a month and you definitely get more than $20 worth.  I just find I don't need a lot of the brushes and it may be worth it more for me to just buy what I want online. Also most of these brushes come with no description on the website, and I just don't know exactly what to use them for.  If you have some ideas comment below!  

I may keep the box subscription for a few more months but not too much longer because I will have more brushes than I know what to do with!

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