KL Polish Review #2

So I have always loved following makeup YouTubers and although I have been following them a little less lately one I really liked was Kathleen Lights and she came out with a nail polish last year, its called KL Polish. I bought two colors last year called Coconut Milk and Hug n Roll.  The nail polishes I received were shattered but I was quickly sent a replacement! Something I don't blame them but the post office.  I really liked the formula, packaging, and colors so I thought I'd give it another try.  

So here are the colors I purchased; Graham, Pinky, Dreamboy and Miss Honey.

My initial thoughts: Well you know me I got all these nail polishes and put them all on one hand immediately.  And putting them all next to each other wasn't the prettiest thing I could have done. 

At least I LOVED Pinky.  I am looking for a subdued pink for my wedding and I think this may be perfect.  Dreamboy is a perfect spring/summer color and a lot different than Hug n Roll.  It changes based on what its compared to and can look more blue or more purple.  I love the versatitiy.

I wasn't so certain on Graham, I was looking for a gray and KL polish has a few, I thought this one would be perfect for my lighter skin tone.  I am currently wearing it and I love it.  It was just compared with all the other colors I wasn't certain.  Its a perfect grey without being overpowering. 

I wasn't sure about Miss Honey, it looked a lot more terracotta than I was expecting.  I think it because my skin is so pale right now that I will be stunning with more of tan.  

Here are photos I got from their website on different skin tones so you can see.

Overall: I still love the nail polish.  The packaging is great,  I will say my dream boy wand is missing a few bristles but I'm working with customer service now to get it fixed. UPDATE: They wont give me a replacement because they cant see damage to the wand even though it is missing bristles. Im bummed because its hard to use but still useable. 

The formula is great, its made without a lot of toxins which is of course awesome.  And last for a really long time without chipping and I use no base or top coat! 

I'd recommend thin layers like the website says but its very buildable.  I really like this nail polish and highly recommend it, just wish it were in stores!

So do you have your eyes on any of the colors?

This post is not sponsor, all thoughts are my own and products were purchased. 

KL Polish Review

Hi Guys, so I recently purchased KL polish, which is a new nail polish line from the Youtuber Kathleen Lights. I ordered Coconut Milk and Hug & Roll

When I first ordered it I will have to be honest one of the bottle was completely broken and spilled everywhere, recking both bottles.  But I believe this was more of the post office's fault not KL polish and they got me new nail polish within the week.

I did have trouble with purchasing the nail polish because I was trying to buy them on launch day and they were saying that polishes were sold out that weren't because I also wanted to buy Miss Honey.

Here is a look at her spring line:


KL Polish nail polish review Coconut Milk


I love the Coconut Milk one better, because its not a harsh white, which can be a bit much with my fair skin tone, but it is almost more off white. 

The Hug and Roll is a pretty soft lavender, in some lights I swear it looks light pink.  It is a subtle pastel and I like it but if I had to pick one it would be Coconut Milk.


The nail polish I think can last up to a week without a base or top coat and a lot longer when I add my top coat.  You definitely need two to almost three coats. Hug & Roll chipped slightly after 4 days but Im really rough with my nails

KL Polish nail polish review Hug and Roll


I wish it was a little bit more cushioned in the package but I love the square bottles and velvet feeling top. The brush is nice too. Overall I really like the packaging and design. 

I would do your research with these nail polishes, I found online they looked different on different skin tones. The retail for $8.50 which isn't bad but the shipping is $5 so I would recommend getting a few.  She also has 10% off your first order! 

Overall I'd recommend them! I really like her color choices and just find them really beautiful! What are your thoughts?!