Magnolia Cookbook Review!

So my future mother in law also has a love for Joanna Gains (I mean who doesn't) and she sent me the Magnolia Cookbook.  It's been out for a little so I have tested out a few recipes but I by no means have gone through all the recipes.  Here's my initial review and maybe in a few weeks I will update this post if you'd like more thoughts! Just like this post so I know to add more!  

First thoughts - WOW there's a lot of recipes.  WOW this isn't the healthiest cookbook. 

I'm not sure what I was expecting with Joanna, I thought she would be more health conscious with Greek yogurt substitutes but I was wrong, there was whole milk everywhere in the recipe.  I'm sure ingredients are healthier and fresher when you have your own farm! 

I would say if you're looking for a cookbook with almond flour or zoodles, this is not for you.

Another thing I noticed was a lot of the sizes where huge, proportions for a family of 6.  Makes sense but it's too much for Henry and I.  And a lot of the recipes I didn't feel confident enough to cut in half. 

One thing I really do like about this cookbook is the breath of it.  There are a TON of recipes and with her background and Texas living there is something for everyone! 

Overall, it's a nice treat.  And a really fun book to have.  I can see me breaking it out for when we have guests and have richer foods rather than my go-to cookbook weekly.  I like it and it would be a great cookbook for a cook in your family that's for sure. It's also fun because they mark some of the recipes that they sell at her restaurant.  So it feels like you have some of Waco, Texas in your home. 

And yes, the chocolate chip cookie recipe she always posts about it, is amazing.