Review on Spring Water bottle

I bought a $90 water bottle ... Well actually I didn't it was a gift. But I'm now an owner of a $90 water bottle. Ridiculous I know but here's why it tracks your water intake and reminds you throughout the day to drink water. 

Henry is convinced that before this water bottle I was chronically dehydrated and he's probably right.  I would drink coffee but actual glasses of water were maybe 2 a day if that. But I am really trying to help out my fitness and overall health.  And if you've seen one article about the importance of drinking water you've seen 10.  I know it helps your skin, your weight, metabolism, ability to flush out toxins, and more. 

I was trying to drink more tea and get my water intake there,  but I really wasn't motivated so I thought this purchase was worth it. 

There is the Hidrate Spark out there which I think is more common and less expensive.  The main difference is the bottle lights up when you should be drinking more water.  Here is why I didn't buy that one:

1. I've heard of some people turning off the light because it was annoying and almost embarrassing in a public space (which sorta defeats the purpose).

2.  I saw bad reviews of shipping.  Those types of reviews always makes me a little skittish. 

3. It was plastic.  If I spending a lot of money on a bottle I want it with nice quality. 

I also just liked the design of the Spring a lot better and thought that it wouldn't be super noticeable that I bought this really expensive bottle to help me drink more water. One thing I like about the Hidrate a little better is that it syncs with your Fitbit App.

So is it worth it?

  • I drink way more water than I use to

  • I lost water weight

  • I find myself recognizing thirst rather than thinking I'm hungry

  • I'm eating less because I'm getting full with water

  • Im making an effort to drink more without noticing

  • The app helps me and has really cute motivational texts

Due to all that I do think its worth it.  It's a really nice product that works well and helps me in my fitness goals.  I think I needed something like this thats a visiual to really help me make a change. Here is the link to the product.