Boss Body: Update

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a good week! I wrote a post a while go about body boss and my first month with it. You can find that post here! But I was getting a lot of questions about whether after all this time I would recommend it or not!

Here’s the verdict, I love the exercises and the program but I just could not commit to it. It was such a regimented routine that I felt like if I took any days off, which lets be real I did because life, I had to go back. Also, it advertises its 24 minutes 3 times a week. Thats a bunch of bull. Its 24 active minutes, but there are rests and a warm up and cool down which is super important to complete. The exercise commitment towards the end is like a hour 5 days a week.

I found myself starting over and over again and then I got bored. I loved the idea of it the time intervals but every 4 weeks the time commitment grew and I just didn’t have an hour to give 5 days a week.

I think I may try this routine again though with a fresh start this winter when I have more time and will be indoors more. I found myself in the summer wanting to get out and now be stuck in the gym the whole time I did my exercises.

I also found I was weak in a lot of areas and could never tell if I was doing something quite right. So for the time being I hired a personal trainer just to really customize something for me and help me to learn form and things like that so the next time I tackle Body Boss I can really get after it.

I do like the program though and really think it will give you results if you are dedicated, like anything though.

I would also recommend buying the physical book if you do get it! I hope this was helpful!

April Intentions

It's been a while since I've set some goals/intentions for the month so I thought I'd share what's going on with me currently and what I'm looking for this month! 

I have been making a lot of strides on improving my life, with friends, habits, exercising and eating better.  That by no means doesn't mean I haven't had setbacks.  I feel like the setbacks can be even harder this go around because I can see what progress I'm making. So I'm just trying to make small steps to continue this progress and remember it's not perfection.

  1. Get outside - The weather has been terrible in Ohio, it has seriously made me just want to curl up and stop caring. (Hence the no blog post for a week) Thankfully I'm headed to Florida in a week. But regardless of that, with all the snow and cold weather whenever there is a nice 2-hour period of nice weather I'm getting outside or opening the windows. I can tell my soul needs it and I need to make it a priority.

  2. Walk every day - I work from home fairly often and I've started paying attention to my energy burned and how much I consume. And I'm just learning even if I work out in the morning but then sit on the couch the rest of the day I just don't burn enough energy. So on days, I work from home I hope to watch my shows from the treadmill just to help my body moving more consistently. Hoping for some weight loss results too, to be honest.

  3. Continue reading - I was reading a lot recently and it really helped my morale, but I've been feeling lazy recently and watching TV just seems easy. So I wanted to make sure I read at least 2 more books if not 3

With goals, I'm trying to not make them too lofty and more obtainable to I'm only going to set these 3 for now.  So tell me do you have any goals for this month? I'd love to know! 

My February Goals

Hi Guys! I apologize for being MIA the past week, but I am ready to bring you lots of new things this month! I hope you enjoyed the most recent releases of wallpapers! I have already been sketching ideas for next month and I'm already excited!

So I was thinking about my New Years goals for the year, and when I think about lofty goals I automatically get really overwhelmed.  Sometimes I give up before I even start because I make these huge goals that sorta set myself up for failure.  I have learned that for me if I make smaller, achievable but challenging goals I am much more likely to succeed.  Little milestones if you will. So each month I was going to write down my goals, to hold myself accountable to continually work towards the bigger end goal. I also know that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I figure if I set a few smaller goals each month they will become habits that will continue on to the next month.  I hope that viewing goals this way will help you take small steps that turn into larger steps to accomplish what you want!

  1. Drink More Water - I have read and heard all the wonderful things water can do for your health, weight and skin.  This is a really simple task that I can do to help my overall health and feel better flushing toxins out.
  2. Blog 2-3x a week - I have been slacking recently even though every day Im scribbling ideas down.  I just need to sit down and write even when I feel like I can't, at least Im starting and trying. 
  3. Replace my snack food with healthy snacks - My down fall with eating healthy is definitely my snacking. So instead of cutting down on my snacking completely (which is like cold turkey for me)  I want to replace the bad junk food I eat with fruits and veggies.  I think its a small change that can make a big impact.
  4. Take a few hours for myself every week -  Im really bad at saying no when someone needs something, and its for sure wearing on me.  So I know that for my mental and physical health I have put myself first a little more so I can give my full attention to loved ones.  And honestly be a less grumpy person.

I wanted to start with 4 goals that seemed attainable and not feel too overwhelmed.  I am proud of these goals, and getting excited to see how attacking my goals this month will affect my over all results.  What are your goals?  How do you set them?

Advice for getting back into fitness

So the holidays have come and gone, our fitness goals have been made although there has been little to no progress on actually getting started.  I wish that I were able to give you an update on how I'm eating healthy and feeling better than ever but unfortunately I can't.  So I reached out to two friends who have two very different focuses in the fitness world and I asked them for some insight.  Hopefully this can help you feel encouraged and ready to start your own fitness journey for 2016!

The two lovely ladies are Caroline, who is working towards her second bodybuilder figure show and Jessie, a seasoned fitness class instructor. You can find Caroline's blog here, and Jessie's website here! I asked them both the same questions and here is what they said!

1.  What is your biggest piece of advice for someone taking the first steps towards a healthy lifestyle?

Caroline pointed out that this is a lifestyle, you can do small things but overall its a lifestyle change and thats how you have to approach it to have long-term results.

Jessie said her biggest thing is to figure out WHY you're changing your lifestyle.  And your WHY shouldn't be to lose 5 pounds it should be to have more energy for example.  These types of goals make it harder to give up when you keep the WHY in mind.

2. For me sometimes its easy to start but really hard for me to keep going, how do you stay motivated, especially when you don't feel like you're seeing results?

Caroline knows the power of social media and uses it to post photos and compare herself to see physical results, and she follows other health enthusiasts to stay motivated. She also says, "I am not always motivated. Trust me. That is human nature. But, even with one bad day, you can advance tomorrow to a new, great day!"

Jessie says this goes back to remembering the WHY, and remembering that this will not happen overnight.  But it is important to record the small wins where you're able to push yourself just a little bit more. Jessie points out, "These small wins can keep you motivated even when you don’t feel like you see major results right away!"

3. If someone was overwhelmed by the idea of working out and eating healthy, is there one piece of advice that you would tell them to prioritize first? 

Caroline's view is that working out and eating healthy both go hand in hand. She points out that eating healthy and working out is like a printer and ink, both useful when together but not so much when apart. She struggled more with understanding nutrition but eating right makes you feel good and leads to better sweat sessions.

Jessie talked about how results are really 80% nutrition based and how she felt pretty immediate results with eating better. She pointed out though which ever you are more motivated to start with is where you should start since the two compliment each other.   

(both of these girls said they love the way working out makes them feel, hopefully the rest of us will get there one day!)

4.  How long did it take for you to feel and then see results?

Caroline said it took her about 10 weeks to see changes in her overall health and physique, she has a show coming up and that is what keeps her motivated to keep going.

Jessie pointed out how everyone is different but it usually takes 3 weeks or more to see a difference for people she knows. But with cleaning up her diet she felt it immediately.

5. How often and for how long would you recommend working out for when starting (for example, should they be 30 minutes long, and 4 times a week?)?

Caroline said, "I spend about one hour in the gym, five to six days a week. I make sure my sessions are intense. Starting out, I usually recommend 30-45 minutes, 4-6 days a week to begin the habit and work up from there." Thats some serious fat crying (aka sweating).

Jessie recommended at least 30 minutes per day, and 5 days is ideal but if 3 or 4 is all you can get to then thats better than nothing!

6. Any other advice you would give?

Caroline said that her advice would be to set a goal, do your research, gather information from different resources and follow through on your goal. 

Jessie's advice was to take the pressure off yourself. and I love that she says, "We are all worth so much more than the number on the scale or the size of our jeans. No one needs a “perfect” body to have an amazing life." She continues to say focusing on a better version of yourself will keep you energized. 

I hope that something in this article helped inspire you in some way! And be sure to check out these amazing ladies sites for more of their thoughts and advice! 

Comment below if you have any tips for beginners! 

Fitness Goals & Getting back on Track

HAY 2016, nice to meet ya.  It's 4 days into the new year and I feel like I still have a food baby from Christmas and New Years.  Not really but sorta.  My family goes all out for Christmas even more so than Thanksgiving, we have a plethora or seafood one night, prime rib and we are still finding Christmas cookies. (mmm cookies) 

Anyways, I have a few things in mind for how I will get back on track and I wanted to share it with all of you! For me I am a planner, so starting with a plan has always really helped me.  One of the resources I have really enjoyed recently is the group Tone It Up.  They currently have a winter challenge that started on January 4th (not too late to start with me) and they give weekly schedules and recipes for FREE.  They do this each week wether or not there is a challenge going on. Also just a warning I remember when I first went to their site I was like these schedules are ridiculous they are way too hard. But each day I try to do them to the best of my ability and each time it gets a little easier. Tone It Up also has an app (which cost a few dollars I believe) but they have an amazing community that interacts with you and supports you.

I have done one of their challenges before and something that really helped me was journaling. I haven't journaled my food yet which I know I should but I journey more the fitness side of things with my time of the work out and how I felt.  It was amazing to see in one week how my times had gotten faster and my journaling became more and more positive. 

There are of course many places to find plans online like Pinterest or but Tone It Up has worked for me with their consistent posting of plans and their bodies are my dream (insert heart eye emojis).

Meal planning! Yum food. Again Im a planner. But I have found that cooking healthy meals on the weekend is something that really helps me.  It helps time wise during the week so Im less likely to make bad choices, its cheaper and I also am sort of forced to eat the food so it doesn't go bad.  Another helpful tip is make a variety of food, one week I made meals with chicken the main focus and lets just say I wont do that again. 

Also another thing I have found helpful is to view each meal/day as a choice, to make a healthy one.  If you eat something crappy at breakfast it doesn't mean that lunch and dinner have to be bad as well. View each meal as a single decision.  That said though having desserts all day but salads for lunch and dinner don't counteract each other.

I am going to try to really intake my water consumption this month since I have read articles about how it does nothing but good things like rid toxins, clear your skin and keep you full.

What are some of your tips to get and stay on track?