Music Monday: Vol 14

Hi Guys! Im so excited for this Music Monday because there were so many great new releases! So many of my favorite bands have put out new music and Im excited to share with you.  I will also be updating all playlist this week! 

I really like the BORNS sound but this remix just added a little something different to it and I liked the spin on it.  If you haven't checked out BORNS I would!

Bastille has been putting out a different vibe with this album and this is one I really liked it reminded me of Of the Night which was my favorite.  I love their upbeat sound.

THIS SOUND IS EVERYTHING! I have said before I love Bad Suns but the combination of the riffs, bass and chorus I just can't get enough.  They are such a good bad to blast in your car!!

I was nervous about Andrew McMahonin the Wilderness second album since I really liked the sound of the first one but this was perfect.  I love the sound he's going with. More upbeat than Jack's Manequinn and Something Corporate but still filled with heart.

I think this is my favorite new Grouplove song, not just because of the sound but I have always loved their lyrics.  Especially with this song in particular.  Im excited for the whole album.

KOL really started my whole love of music ad getting into a genre that wasn't mainstream.  I was holding my breathe for this album and its perfect.  I love it so much, I'm so excited for the whole album! 

Miike Snow is strange, but I love him.  He is so unique and it always makes me want to move and dance.  It reminds me of "Baby you got that money don't you worry".  I just love this remix and the weirdness of it all!

Music Vol: 10

Hi Everyone! I hope you've had a great week, some new music came out this week and Im super excited about it.  Summer is one of my favorite times for new music.  What have you been loving?

Current Favorites

 I love love love this song, I have for a while.  And I just love the drums and bass of the song.  I have no words, it just gets me every time.

This is just a good song to me to have on in the background while you are trying to get stuff done.  It keeps you moving and dancing.

I don't know why but they sound like an Indie version of Kesha.  Anyone else? I stumbled across this song and just loved the beat.  Just makes you want to tap your feet!

I love NEEDTOBREATHE they are a religious group and it reflects in their music but you can't deny some of their messages are just what you need.  I love the soulful southern vocals and calming guitar.

New Releases:

Grouplove is one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen live.  They are amazing performers.  This song is in Grouplove's wheel house which I was a little disappointed I wanted something a little different. But the song is great either way.

I'm loving this new medium tempo songs that are coming out.  Of course Britney is auto tuned but I want to say not as much as usual.  And the chorus is just super catchy.  There's no denying that.

I just am a sucker for pop songs sometimes what can I say.  I can't help but like Justin's songs.  Ive heard this song a few times and I like it more and more each time.  So just hear me out and give it a shot.

Love to hear from you about some of your favorite music this week!