April Intentions

It's been a while since I've set some goals/intentions for the month so I thought I'd share what's going on with me currently and what I'm looking for this month! 

I have been making a lot of strides on improving my life, with friends, habits, exercising and eating better.  That by no means doesn't mean I haven't had setbacks.  I feel like the setbacks can be even harder this go around because I can see what progress I'm making. So I'm just trying to make small steps to continue this progress and remember it's not perfection.

  1. Get outside - The weather has been terrible in Ohio, it has seriously made me just want to curl up and stop caring. (Hence the no blog post for a week) Thankfully I'm headed to Florida in a week. But regardless of that, with all the snow and cold weather whenever there is a nice 2-hour period of nice weather I'm getting outside or opening the windows. I can tell my soul needs it and I need to make it a priority.

  2. Walk every day - I work from home fairly often and I've started paying attention to my energy burned and how much I consume. And I'm just learning even if I work out in the morning but then sit on the couch the rest of the day I just don't burn enough energy. So on days, I work from home I hope to watch my shows from the treadmill just to help my body moving more consistently. Hoping for some weight loss results too, to be honest.

  3. Continue reading - I was reading a lot recently and it really helped my morale, but I've been feeling lazy recently and watching TV just seems easy. So I wanted to make sure I read at least 2 more books if not 3

With goals, I'm trying to not make them too lofty and more obtainable to I'm only going to set these 3 for now.  So tell me do you have any goals for this month? I'd love to know! 

June Intentions

Hi Friends, so I know we are a little bit into June (I have been very behind) but I feel like it's always good to set intentions even if it's the last day of the month.  Things have been so crazy recently! My sister just had the sweetest little boy and my other sister gets married Labor Day! I have also started planning my own wedding! 

With all that in mind, I have been so not in the mood to push myself on the blog.  But Im getting the itch and great things never come from our comfort zone.

1. Write every day.  I feel like I have been so much in my own head all the time recently and its making it hard to do anything.  I think writing my feelings down for the day will help me to have better days and even get my creative juices going! 

2. Organize.  Something that really helps my over all mood is a clean place.  If Im busy it's so easy to leave stuff out and I feel like a cluttered place equals a cluttered mind.  Staying organized and making list will help to get it on paper and not feeling like Im dropping the ball.

3. Do fun stuff on the weekend.  Sometimes I jam pack my weekend with chores or obligations I never have down time.  I also work from home some days so I need to make sure I get out and enjoy the summer! 

4. Get out of my comfort zone.  One thing Im going to do is learn how to start coding.  I think this will be really awesome to help my blog and learn a skill! Wish me luck!

What are your intentions/goals for the month? I'd love to hear! 

May Intentions

Way back in the day I use to do monthly intentions.  Sometimes I felt like no one cared to hear them but then I would comments or other people would share their intentions/goals with me.  Last week I had one of the craziest weeks of my life, heres a list: Got in a car accident (everything is okay!), heard some bad news at work, got engaged, was surprised by family members and friends, got a promotion at work. It has been a WHIRLWIND to say the least.  So I thought now was a great time to sit reflect and see what I wanted to work on this month.

1. Practice gratitude - There is SO much I have to be thankful for right now and I just wanted the universe to know how happy I am.  I think practicing being thankful even on the bad days is important.  I just wanted to stay grounded through all the craziness.

2. Continue pushing myself in work outs - Recently I found out a coworker (who is 23) had a stroke due to "mixed wiring" in her brain.  We are hopeful she is expected to make a full recovery despite losing her speech and all feeling in the right side of her body. At first I felt like I needed to be in good health now for down the line and now I feel like I need to be in GREAT health for the NOW.

3. Stay organized - There is so much going on in my world right now.  Just in family news my sister is expecting May 28 my other sister gets married September 2nd and now Im planning my wedding.  Writing everything down will help me to stay on top of things, feel less overwhelmed and not keep everything bouncing around in my mind. 

I think 3 are enough, I like to keep it simple and obtainable.  So tell me what are your intentions or goals for the month of May?

Tips on Making a Vision Board

So I know that vision boards can be a little silly, but I love my quotes and I do like being able to see my goals as reminders every day.  So I made a vision board and did my research on somethings to incorporate into yours if you're looking to make one!  There is also a exercise to get your juices flowing below! 

First off I found this site that makes printables for you vision board and Im obsessed! You can find it here.

There are plenty of things you can use to make a vision board; a bulletin board, and empty wall with some tape and string if you want or what I did was use an old glass frame so I could draw all over it with dry eraser markers!  I liked doing it this way with the ability to change goals or fill things in.  Goals can change and so can I.

Some tips for your vision board:

  • A photos you enjoy 
  • Balance the board with things about health, professional, relationships, creative and self help
  • Add images from an unrelated field, or color pallets.  Things that make you happy
  • Incorporate quotes
  • Have monthly and quarterly check points for these goals (change the goal if needed)
  • Add things that are tough but in reach.  Don't put things on there that are unrealistic and will just frustrate you
  • Write downs ways you will achieve this goal.  The more detail the better
  • Lastly, make it fun and happy.  We should celebrate reaching our goals!

Here is the printable and my answers! 

Here is what my vision board looked like:

vision board goals lifestyle free printables
vision board goals lifestyle free printables
This Year-complete.jpg

What are some of your goals? Here's some more inspiration: 

December Intentions

We are in the thick of Holiday season and I have to say I am loving it! Although the holiday season can be pretty crazy I also feel like its such a time to be grateful for the love of friends and family and being able to give them gifts. So here are my intentions because this time of the year can get pretty hectic and I think sometimes its easy to get caught up in all of that!

1. Make some time for myself - Whether it's exercising, watching your favorite show, or just drinking a cup of coffee make time out's for yourself.  I think its so important to not lose sight of yourself and your mental health needs.  Especially when you are visiting with family.  So this year because I get stressed easy I'm going to wake up early some mornings and just make sure Im taking time for myself to recenter.

2. Try mediation - I have heard so many great things and I just can never sit still long enough.  I think trying to learn this skill to calm myself and just focus on my thoughts is really powerful.  I want to make a huge effort to learn how to do this! [Let me know if you want a post on my experience]

3. Show my love in more than gifts - I think its important to not just buy a gift but express your love in words or time.  I think that easily gets pushed aside in this month and it's something I really want to focus on.

What are you intentions/goals for the month! I'd love to hear :)