Review on Felix Grays

So I recently gifted Henry the Felix Gray Glasses, they are glasses that filter out the blue light so that when you are on your computer or phone all day it doesn't strain your eyes as much. These glasses are made for people who have prescriptions and people who dont. This is what the glasses look like!



They are sorta pricey starting at $95 so I wanted to ask Henry what he thought of them and if he thought it was worth it.   Here's our official interview ;)

Do you notice a difference with the glasses? 

Yes! My eyes are not as tired at the end of the day, and I find I don't strain to look at screens anymore. I also feel better knowing that if I do need to look at screens all day long, that I have some type of protection on my eyes. Its an unexpected source of peace of mind.

How fast did you notice a difference, immediately? A few hours? All day?

Felix Gray review blue light glasses

I didn't notice a difference until the end of the first day I wore them. But now I can see a difference when I'm not wearing them! If I look at my computer screen for too long without them on I realize my eyes are straining, so I get up and go put them on!

Was it a big adjustment for someone who doesn't wear glasses?

Yes! I'm still getting used to having glasses on almost all day while at work. But they are much lighter than sunglasses so they aren't heavy on my face, which is nice.

Is there anything you don't like about them?

They are a little too big for my face. They tend to fall a bit down my nose when wearing them for long periods of time so I keep having to push them back up. Other then that, they are great! 

Why didn't you want magnification?

A coworker of mine had a pair and I tried them on and I just didn't like it. It is such a small difference that I couldn't really understand why to get it, plus I would imagine walking around the office with slightly magnified glasses could cause problems. Just something that I wasn't too interested in.

Would you recommend them? Do you think its worth the price?

I would absolutely recommend them! If you are someone who stares at screens all day you should for sure get blue filtering glasses. Felix Gray is a little bit on the pricier side so if you can afford them I would say go for it. I think they are worth the price since they are very well made and you can feel the high-quality material. If you are unsure about blue filter glasses, you can wear them for 30 days and return them for a full refund if you don't like them.

Will you get them for me?

Of course <3 

So what are you're thoughts? Would you ever try these? I know there are some on Amazon for like $30 but I have no idea how reliable they are!