Last Minute Gifts

You guys asked so here it is! Can you believe its almost Christmas?! I can't! Here are some ideas for last minutes you can get for everyone in your life! I also wrote a gift guide to your hosts this holiday season and I think there are some really good items in there!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site. 

I put together a list of items you can get for different people in your life if you need something in a pinch! Hopefully, this just gives you some last minute ideas! 

Mother's/Mother In Law's: My mom has this nice pair of leather gloves for the longest time and this year I decided to upgrade her and get some new ones.  I think this is a classic gift that's really nice! Another item I really liked is this lotion set. Its perfect for the winter months and great for someone you're stumped on what to give. 

Fitness Guru:

I found this awesome "post yoga" balm.  I think its a unique gift for all your fitness friends out there.  And you can never go wrong with an armband!

Sisters/Sister in Law

Who doesn't love some cute pjs or a robe.  I think these are nice extra gifts you wouldn't by yourself but would love to receive.  H&M has some cute ones that are perfect for the holidays season.

Also, I wish someone would get me these fleeced lined leggings, I think they will be great for the cold weather and so comfy! 

Brother/Brother in Law

I know when it comes to my brother-in-law's it's always tough to buy for them.  My one brother in law loves these slippers I got him one year and I think its a great go to.  I also found this Harry shaving set at Jcrew that I think is perfect for any man in your life!

Beauty Guru:

My one sister was looking for some travel size hair care.  So I got her this dry bar travel set.  I think its great for all different types of hair and lets them try out things before really committing!

I picked out this lip set because I think its got shades for everyone! Something for every day and something a little bolder.  I love the cute little travel pouch it comes in too! 

Stocking Stuffers (Smaller Items) 

I don't think you can go wrong with a pair of hat and scarf for any friends or family member in your life! Or this candle set, I'm obsessed with! 

And in my mind, you can never go wrong with a cute mug

Take a look at all the items here: 

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make post like this. Thank you for the support! 

Gifts for your Host!

Hi Friends! I can't believe it is the holiday season already, but I am very excited for this year I do have to say! I wanted to put together a gift guide.  In the past, I have done a gift guide for him or her. This year I wanted to do a gift for the hostess in your life! Hosting an event take so much, effort, time and sometimes even money.  So I think it's important to give back to your friends and family that are hosting you! 

All items are under $25 so you won't break the bank but you'll let them know what your thinking of them! I found all these items in Anthropologie, I am not sponsored by them, I just really liked their variety and gifts!! 

Remember to use Ebates or Honey for your holiday shopping! It saves you money and give you cash back!

Home Items:

A candle is never a wrong way to go, and I love this one because it is packaged super cute already (less work for you). Their scents are perfect for the holidays too! 

I love candles for Target, Anthropologie and bath and body works! 

I thought the dish towels were super cute too, and its fun to get a festive dish towel because I feel like a lot of people won't buy it for themselves but would like to have it! 

Lastly, I liked this lavender planting kit.  I think its super cute and lavender can be used for so much! For example teas, DIY spa ideas or drinks! 

If you could find a mint one too that would be fun! 

Coffee Table Books:

I thought these books were really cute and there's something for everyone. One of your friends that loves baking Christmas cookies.  The host that just moved into a new home and is designing! Or your family member that makes a mean cocktail! I think these books are cute as coffee table books or something more useful for friends! 

Hot Chocolate & Tea

Of course, you can always get a nice bottle of wine and wrap it cute! ButI like the idea of something a little different. I found some tea items and hot chocolate.  I love tea in the winter time and having hot chocolate every once in a while is so nice when baking cookies or something! I think it's a fun little treat that's different. Plus the way these hot chocolate packets are packaged is genius.

For After the event:

I like the idea of giving you gift a little spa something for them to relax after the holidays! The bath both pictures is a cold and sinus one, which I just thought was perfect since colds are usually going around in the holiday season! But a lot of different ones are offered and they are only $10!

I also liked these eye patches! There are a lot of masks at Anthropology and I think getting one there is better than say Ulta or Sephora because they are general relaxing ones and cute as gifts! 

Like these since they come in a pack of 3! 

Tell me! Are you going somewhere for the holidays? Are you getting something for you host?! I'd love to hear! 

Some of the products mentioned! 

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make post like this. Thank you for the support! 

Gifts For His Birthday

So it was H's birthday a while ago, and I feel like shopping for a boy is so hard! Girl's are easy, we point out stuff we want every day! HA.  Anyways I feel like its always hard to figure out new things if he hasn't specifically asked for anything.  So I came up with this list to help both of us out! 

Ps. I used Ebates to make these purchases and got money back.  You can too and get $10 immediately for signing up!

Here are some things on my list:

  • Vinyls
  • Wallet 
  • Nice Watch - This is always a good purchase
  • Home cooked meal
  • Sports tickets
  • Gear from his favorite sports, or place - I got Henry some shirts from our favorite brewery's since they are so big in Cincinnati and he loves them! 
  • A plane ticket home - This is a pricey one but if his family lives somewhere else this is an amazing gift
  • A nice bottle of liquor
  • A nice set of bar glasses - or any bar accessories like bottle openers, or whiskey rocks.
  • Collection item - If he collects anything add to the collection!
  • Work out gear
  • Wireless Headphones - to work out with, or use on a airplane
  • Gadgets they would find useful - for example, something for a video game, a hobby, their car.  Something they've had their eye on
  • A workout watch - Apple Watch, Fitbit.  I feel like guys love this
  • Clothes he wouldn't buy himself - A lot of times Henry just wont buy clothes for himself.  It's not that he doesn't want it but he wont get it himself. 
  • Videogames
  • Concert Tickets
  • Something that is an experience - Whether its a concert, sporting game, cooking class. Whatever he enjoys that you two can do together! 

This is my running list so far! I hope that it's helpful and if anything has sparked some ideas.  As long as the gift is thoughtful it doesn't matter how much it cost! Let me know if you have any ideas and I will add it to the list! 

Father's Day Gift Guide

Hi Guys,  Father's Day is just around the corner and here are some last minute gift ideas to get your dad!

1. Outdoors equipment - Whether its golfing, camping, skiing, fishing, anything along those lines. I'm sure if your dad enjoys these types of activities there is plenty to get him in this area!

2. Sports Outing - Tickets to a local sports game or your dad's favorite team is always a good idea.  Whether they are great seats or just time to spend with you he will love this gift!

3. Alcohol - My dad really enjoys bourbon or a good port, when talking to him he said he would love to try a new type he has never had and this is the perfect time to give him something new!

4. Movie Outing - I know that my dad really enjoys sci-fi or actions movies, not my number one but it's his so that's what matters!

5. Something nice for work - Whether its a phone case, computer bag, note book or tie, its' always a nice reminder of his family and something he can take with him.

6. Picture frame - I think its fun to go through old photos and give my dad a photo I loved.  I think it's nice for him to see life through our eyes and something he will treasure.

7. Cook or Bake - One of my favorite things to do is make my dad a lemon meringue pie, my mom and I are choco-holics so my dad doesn't often get his lemony and tart desserts.  So hey I can have tart over sweet one day a year!

8. A Note - When I was talking to my dad about this post he said a hand written note is something he would really enjoy.  Especially hearing about some of my sisters and I favorite memories with him.  Or somethings he has taught us that we will always remember.  This is something really thoughtful and priceless.

I hope this gives you some new ideas! I will be in a different town than my dad but I am planning on Facetiming a lot.  Do you have any fun plans?

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hi Friends, I hope you are having a wonderful day!  Here is my version of Mother's Day Gift Guide. But before I wanted to start, I just wanted to say that you don't necessary have to BUY your mother anything (if you can you should) but if you're pinching penny's your mom doesn't care about your money.  Mother's Day is about appreciating you mom for all that she does and has done and taking time out of our busy schedules to give back.  

Some of my favorite things to give my mom for Mother's Day are pampering items. Or item's that make her feel good that she may not get herself.

Beauty Items:

Makeup Palette - This really nice for a mom who may not spend money on makeup items for herself, palettes are great because they make it easy for her to pick colors and are super versatile.

Perfume - This can be a little tricky if you don't know what scent she likes. So I wouldn't buy this unless you know her typical scent preference.  But I really like this idea because every time she sprays the perfume she will remember how loved her is.

A bathrobe - Because who doesn't love a nice robe, but honestly this is a nice piece that can make her feel relaxed every day.

Bath items-  Bath and body works has so many items for this like candles, bubble bath supplies, and aromatherapy.

A day at the Spa - This is my mom's all-time favorite gift.  I'm not sure who wouldn't like this idea 

Experiences: Your mom just wants to spend time with you so these gifts are priceless

Dinner and a Movie - Your mom just wants to spend a whole night with you, so treat her to dinner and movie.  Funny story, I bought my mom dinner when I got my first adult job and she burst into tears at the restaurant she was so surprised and happy.  It really is the small things.

Shopping Day - My mom loves my sisters and my input for clothes, so just spending a day to take her out shopping and spending time on her would mean a lot.  I feel like as daughters our mom's always help us shopping but rarely is it reverse.

And if all fails flowers!

But really I think the only thing you HAVE to get your mom on Mother's Day is a handwritten card telling her how much you love her and appreciate her.  I hope my mom would agree!

What are you plans for Mother's Day?