25 Fun Date Night Ideas

Hi Friends, with Valentines Day right around the corner I wanted to share some date night ideas.  Of course these date nights aren't just for Valentine's Day but I came up with a few ideas that aren't completely cheesy and something different than your average dinner and a movie!

  1. Find a high point of your city. Let me explain, there was an article out about places to see Cincinnati's skyline, so H and I did some exploring. Some where restaurants where you could eat brunch and enjoy the view.  Its a really cool way to see your city in a different light.  I love that sense of adventure too.
  2. Cooking Class
  3. Play Board/Card game, adult or not
  4. Farmers Market
  5. Whisper Challenge (just youtube this, it is hilarious to do)
  6. Local Concert. This is fun to be in a different atmosphere and it sort of forces you to go with the flow if you don't know the band.
  7. Go to an ice cream shop (I feel like all we do is buy the pints)
  8. Start a new show/series together
  9. Beer or wine tasting
  10. Zoo or Aquarium
  11. Comedy Show
  12. Couples Massage
  13. Fondue Night
  14. Slumber Party, with popcorn and a movie, make it more special then an average Tuesday
  15. See a Meteor shower
  16. Go to a paint and drink place
  17. Try out new Coffee Shops
  18. Try a new exercise class together
  19. Have a three course meal, all meals at different places
  20. Create your own custom Coldstone at home
  21. Go to a museum 
  22. Trivia Night at a Bar/Restaurant (I especially love music trivia)
  23. Geocaching, it's like a grown up treasure hunt, heres a link to explain
  24. Make Candles
  25. Go to a sporting event

What are some of your favorite things to do? Are there any new ones on this list?