Bumble BFF: Aka Girl Dating

Hi Friends, so this post may seem a little funny/crazy (hopefully more funny than crazy) but bare with me! I recently moved back to Cincinnati and I didn't really keep in touch with any high school friends, so I have a select amount of friends here but I have recently really been trying to expand my circle. Sooooo Bumble (a dating app where the girl must initiate the conversation) just recently released a new part of the app called Bumble BFF.  The purpose of this app is so that girls can find other girls who are looking to make friends.  Pretty genius if you ask me.  Cincinnati can be extremely cliquey so this is a nice way to meet people who are also looking for friends.

Here is how my experience has been so far:

First, you can swipe yes or no on a person based on 5 photos and a short bio.  Not much but I try to give almost everyone a shot and then you or she has 24 hours to start a conversation.  I try to strike up a conversation based on something that way in their bio (girl flirting is really difficult guys, no lie).  And I try to talk to them for a few days.  I have so far been on 3 "girl dates".  And I gotta be honest guys, its gone pretty well.

It's pretty scary going into these almost blind dates thinking you'll have nothing to talk about.  But I have been lucky matching with girls who are pretty outgoing which is nice.  There is a ton to talk about with both being new to a city and there's a lot of comfort in that.  My "dates" lasted a lot longer than I expected, and it was a nice way to break up my week.

I have been poked fun at a lot for trying this app by other people and I understand that it sound a little ridiculous but hey I'm just a girl in a big city trying to meet some fun girlfriends.  And I gotta tell you I think its working. I figure if I can make about 2 friends from this app its worth it, 2 more than I had.  And you also never know what kind of connections these people will have, maybe you aren't the biggest fan of one girl you meet but you love her friend? Sounds terrible but you would never have met her otherwise. I have met some really nice girls, some are meh which I can tell just from texting. That's why I try to get to know them a little before committing to a meeting.  But honestly, I would really recommend this to anyone looking to expand their circle. Even if you don't make BFF's out of it, it's still something to get out of the house and break up your day or something to talk about with your current friends.

Anyways girls, you do you! Be outgoing, try to expand your circle, and don't let anyone tell you not to!

Making Friends in a New City

Hi Guys, so its been a hot minute since my last Real Talk post. And I'd thought it was time for another.  So if you don't know I moved back to Cincinnati about a year ago and in that time period, I have had two jobs and moved twice.  I moved around a TON when I was younger so I am used to moving.  But when you don't have the cushion of school or sports its a LOT harder to make friends post grad.  So I have a few tips on things I have done and what has worked along with what hasn't.

Workout classes -   First I HATE working out but it seems like a super easy common ground for everyone.  And it doesn't hurt to treat your body right.  But recently at my local park, there is free workout classes offered that I have gone to.  These are nicer than a gym because everyone there isn't SUPER hardcore about working out. People have been friendly there which is nice and I'm hoping after going consistently for a few weeks faces will start to look familiar.  

Apartment Get-Togethers -  Our apartment complex has parties once every three months.  This is a really nice way to meet people who obviously live close but also are probably looking for friends! 

Networking -  This is a nice way to meet people who are in the same industry as you and have similar jobs.  It is an instant way to have things to talk about and a conversation starter.

Mutual Friends - A super nice/easy(er) way to meet friends is through some of the friends you have now. The next time you go out try to expand your circle.  You're bound to like some of the people and it just makes it nicer to expand your every weekend group.

Coming soon is a post about my experience with Bumble BFF stay tuned for next week!