Free Printables!

Hi Friends! So I wanted to make some free printables for the New Year! Don't forget there's some really nice different printables in the store that you should check out! If you don't want to commit to a full year you can purchase just 3 months! They also come in really cute colors!

Im going to keep these printables in a blog post for now and if they do well I will give them there own post. 

If you like them please share them and tag me in photos of you using them! Im really excited about the Lets Get Things Done and habit tracker! Which do you love?

PS If you click on the photo it will enlarge it so you can see it better.

Tips on Making a Vision Board

So I know that vision boards can be a little silly, but I love my quotes and I do like being able to see my goals as reminders every day.  So I made a vision board and did my research on somethings to incorporate into yours if you're looking to make one!  There is also a exercise to get your juices flowing below! 

First off I found this site that makes printables for you vision board and Im obsessed! You can find it here.

There are plenty of things you can use to make a vision board; a bulletin board, and empty wall with some tape and string if you want or what I did was use an old glass frame so I could draw all over it with dry eraser markers!  I liked doing it this way with the ability to change goals or fill things in.  Goals can change and so can I.

Some tips for your vision board:

  • A photos you enjoy 
  • Balance the board with things about health, professional, relationships, creative and self help
  • Add images from an unrelated field, or color pallets.  Things that make you happy
  • Incorporate quotes
  • Have monthly and quarterly check points for these goals (change the goal if needed)
  • Add things that are tough but in reach.  Don't put things on there that are unrealistic and will just frustrate you
  • Write downs ways you will achieve this goal.  The more detail the better
  • Lastly, make it fun and happy.  We should celebrate reaching our goals!

Here is the printable and my answers! 

Here is what my vision board looked like:

vision board goals lifestyle free printables
vision board goals lifestyle free printables
This Year-complete.jpg

What are some of your goals? Here's some more inspiration: