December Favorites

Hi Friends! I hope you're having a great start to your year so far! I wanted to share some of my favorite items from December that I'm excited I discovered! 

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

December favorites essential oils tea makeup review candles

First would have to be this Sleigh Ride candle.  Im so obsessed I bought 3, whoops too much? Oh well.  I like sweet and fresh smelling candles and thats exactly what this is.  It isn't overpowering but it will fill a room after a while.

December favorites essential oils tea makeup review candles

I tried out this voluminous mascara from L'oreal. And I'm liking it.  It is VERY black and takes a LOT to get it off which is nice for long days.  It makes my lashes long but not as fluffy as I'd like.

I have been getting into my diffuser and I really like my energy (orange) and relax smells (lavender).  I thought that the energy one would be too much but it actually neutralizes the smell in the air.  So it makes my kitchen smell better and it's not over powering.  The relax one makes me feel like I'm in a spa. It's so nice to fall asleep to.  Im excited to get more into oils! I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond they aren't ridiculously expensive.

I also really like this Essie Nail polish, called Make the Cut.  It was a very pretty silver with some sparkle flecks in it which was perfect for the holiday's and the new year! (My grandma approved).

December favorites essential oils tea makeup review candles

I have been trying to get into more natural skin care products to help my acne and Im really liking Origins.  This lotion is perfect for day time because it is hydrating but absorbs VERY quickly.  Just looking for something a little heavier for night time!

I have been drinking a lot more tea lately.  I'm loving this Cold 911.  It's also for when you're not feeling great.  It has some mint which helps clear the sinuses.  And its helping me to stay hydrated when Im not 100%

What has been some of your favorites recently?! I'd love to hear!


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My February Goals

Hi Guys! I apologize for being MIA the past week, but I am ready to bring you lots of new things this month! I hope you enjoyed the most recent releases of wallpapers! I have already been sketching ideas for next month and I'm already excited!

So I was thinking about my New Years goals for the year, and when I think about lofty goals I automatically get really overwhelmed.  Sometimes I give up before I even start because I make these huge goals that sorta set myself up for failure.  I have learned that for me if I make smaller, achievable but challenging goals I am much more likely to succeed.  Little milestones if you will. So each month I was going to write down my goals, to hold myself accountable to continually work towards the bigger end goal. I also know that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I figure if I set a few smaller goals each month they will become habits that will continue on to the next month.  I hope that viewing goals this way will help you take small steps that turn into larger steps to accomplish what you want!

  1. Drink More Water - I have read and heard all the wonderful things water can do for your health, weight and skin.  This is a really simple task that I can do to help my overall health and feel better flushing toxins out.
  2. Blog 2-3x a week - I have been slacking recently even though every day Im scribbling ideas down.  I just need to sit down and write even when I feel like I can't, at least Im starting and trying. 
  3. Replace my snack food with healthy snacks - My down fall with eating healthy is definitely my snacking. So instead of cutting down on my snacking completely (which is like cold turkey for me)  I want to replace the bad junk food I eat with fruits and veggies.  I think its a small change that can make a big impact.
  4. Take a few hours for myself every week -  Im really bad at saying no when someone needs something, and its for sure wearing on me.  So I know that for my mental and physical health I have put myself first a little more so I can give my full attention to loved ones.  And honestly be a less grumpy person.

I wanted to start with 4 goals that seemed attainable and not feel too overwhelmed.  I am proud of these goals, and getting excited to see how attacking my goals this month will affect my over all results.  What are your goals?  How do you set them?