Whats in my Gym Bag?

Hi friends, I hope that you are having a great week so far! With it being holiday season it's getting harder and harder to squeeze in a workout.  I have found that having a gym bag packed at all times has really helped me to get out the door when needed and to get my fitness on! So I wanted to share with you what in my bag currently!

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Look inside!

I love to make sure to keep a whole outfit in my bag for just in case.  So a pair of leggings, socks, headband, bra, and shirt.  Etsy has some really cute shirts and I found this one I have been wanting to get! I usually get my work out clothes at Target, but old navy has some steals.  My nicer clothes are from Athleta or Lulu Lemon which is usually just Christmas presents. 

My swell bottle is amazing for working out because I can fill it up the night before and it will still be cold. It's slim and holds a lot of water.

I use a Fitbit to keep track of my heart rate and how many calories I burn.  I am getting more into checking out my heart rate and this has been really helpful!

I have also been liking clinique work outline, especially these wipes.  Its great for right after a work out to get some of the sweat off and is refreshing. Dry shampoo and deodorant is never a bad thing to have in any bag really. It's great if you're on the go and need to head out somewhere! PS. I'm wanting to try out natural deodorant but I need some recommendations! 

I like to keep my yoga mat around, with the strap and of course some spray for just in cases. 

Here's a look at my favorite items!

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