Holistic Goodies

So I have been trying to get into some more holistic things lately for my mental and physical health.  I have always been interested in crystals and I thought they would be a great addition to my reading corner, where I meditate, read and write! 

Ps. I used Ebates to make these purchases and got money back.  You can too and get $10 immediately for signing up!

My first 4 are: 

holistic favorites essential oils crystals aromatherapy diffuser

Citrine Crystal - Abundance, power, creativity

Groovy Worry Stones -“Rub your worries away”

Quarts - "Energy, Healing, Cleansing" 

Amethyst - "Power, Protection, Healing"


I'd love your recommendations if you have any!!

I recently picked up some more essential oils too to diffuse in my corner! 

Energize - I love the citrus for when we have been cleaning or cooking to just neutralize orders!  I like to put it on when I work during the day because it energizes.

holistic favorites essential oils crystals aromatherapy diffuser

Relax - This mix is so relaxing when reading my books or putting a few in my bath. (I can't find just the relax online for some reason)

Peppermint - Relieves soreness, helps digestion and headaches.  Im excited because I love peppermint, especially peppermint tea.  Sometimes I get frequent headaches so Im hoping this helps.

*Not pictured: Tea Tree - I recently tried a tea tree mask and it didn't agree with me but I wasn't sure if it was just the product.  My facials told me that if you wash your face and put a few drops in the water it really helps so thats what Im trying! 

I go the Peppermint and Tea Tree from Whole Foods.  I make sure that they are 100% organic and pure. Be careful to not put these directly on your skin, instead use an oil or water to dilute it.  (Remember I am in now ways a doctor so do your research!) 

This is the diffuser that I want, right now I have a sorta crappy one. 

Are you interested in oils or crystals? I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Im a little skeptical but I love trying new things! 


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