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Hi everyone! I hope that you are having a great day.  Candidly Keri is opening its doors to working with brands, bloggers, and people who need wallpapers or designs for their business! 

We have done a few of these in the past but I want to offer it up as a service! Henry and I have made wallpapers for brands that are looking for wallpapers for their employees as a morale boost, a freebie to give when people sign up for their newsletter, or just an extra add-on for their site! 

We can house the work here or for an extra fee, we can teach you how to set it up on your site and make it downloadable! 

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If you're not a brand or blogger but would just like your own personal wallpaper, we can do that too! Here is the item in the store. All you have to do is just fill out what you are looking for.  I have found if you can attach some of my old wallpapers you have liked that's super helpful too! 

If you are wanted to collaborate on some posts, you can fill out this page and let me know!

Look forward to working with you if you're interested, it's going to be a great year for Candidly Keri!

Hitting the Reset Button

Have you just ever needed to take a step back and need to take a break? This past month we have been the busiest we have ever been and this summer is not letting up.  I was feeling so overwhelmed and uninspired.  The blog felt like such a chore which just made me sad.  So I took a break and I wanted to let you know when I did during that break that helped me get back to it and feeling inspired. This post is a little creative focused but I think it can apply to a lot of things in our life. 

First - I allowed myself to step away.  I did what I needed to keep it going but beyond that, I just stepped away. Being able to do this and not feeling guilty the whole time was huge.  It just felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Centered - I did things that helped to center me, I meditated, journaled, went for walks.  I thought about how drained I felt and overwhelmed and I just sat with it for a while.  I didn't force myself to get over it or push through.  By no means was I trying to throw a pity party I just allowed myself to feel.

Do Something - I had to just do some things that made me happy.  Instead of making time for to-do list I just did some things to make me smile. For me, this was getting outside, reading a book and doing something creative in a different way, like drawing. 

Wasting Time - I stopped doing things that wasted my time.  For instance, I am a binge watcher, I love binge watching but I realized how at the end I felt so unproductive.  I didn't feel good or satisfied.  Where if I sat down and just watched one episode and that's ALL I did, no multitasking, I felt like that was so much more enjoyable! Applying this to several things freed up time I didn't feel like I had and allowed me to be a lot more productive, which made me feel less overwhelmed and happier. 

Ease Into It - I sorta let the blog & other things come to me.  I didn't force it and just jump straight in with both feet. I think after needing such a break this was important.  If I felt inspired I sat down and wrote for a while but it was now because I wanted to and not because I felt I had to.

Sometimes we just go so much we burn out and it feels like we will never be able to get back into the swing of things.  But taking these steps really helped me.  I also felt like these were stages to a certain extent and I let the first stage end before going on to the next.  I knew I couldn't rush this program and I just needed to go with the flow.  

Have you ever felt like this before?  What did you do to "reset"?