Where I find Inspiration

Hi Guys, I recently got an email sent to me asking about how I find inspiration.  I thought what a cool question and I wanted to make a post out of it.  Ps you can always contact me if you want here

Here were some of my thoughts:

Overall creatively I find inspiration from trying different things, or opening my world.  Like reading a book or drawing. 

When it comes to the wallpapers: I was a marketing major and I use to work at an agency where it was almost like a competition of who had the coolest wallpaper. I saw on pinterest a few with calendars but none for the current month.  My fiancé had some graphic design/photoshop background and I asked him to update the month.  Fast forward a few month I had to switch jobs and got a very analytical job.  I wanted to start my blog to talk about what I knew and really have a creative outlet.  To me it is an outlet and I love designing them over month! I get inspired by wallpapers I have done in the past, photos I see, nature or even other peoples designs! 

When it comes to the blog: I try to write what I know.  So when I was traveling a lot I wrote about some tips I picked up.  I love my real talk post where I just share my feelings that aren't always rainbows because I think it can help someone else out there. I get inspiration from just my every day.  I also really like to read other peoples blogs to see their thoughts and what they are writing about.  I also see what I want to read from other people!

So I'd like to know from you! Where do you find inspiration? 

My February Goals

Hi Guys! I apologize for being MIA the past week, but I am ready to bring you lots of new things this month! I hope you enjoyed the most recent releases of wallpapers! I have already been sketching ideas for next month and I'm already excited!

So I was thinking about my New Years goals for the year, and when I think about lofty goals I automatically get really overwhelmed.  Sometimes I give up before I even start because I make these huge goals that sorta set myself up for failure.  I have learned that for me if I make smaller, achievable but challenging goals I am much more likely to succeed.  Little milestones if you will. So each month I was going to write down my goals, to hold myself accountable to continually work towards the bigger end goal. I also know that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I figure if I set a few smaller goals each month they will become habits that will continue on to the next month.  I hope that viewing goals this way will help you take small steps that turn into larger steps to accomplish what you want!

  1. Drink More Water - I have read and heard all the wonderful things water can do for your health, weight and skin.  This is a really simple task that I can do to help my overall health and feel better flushing toxins out.
  2. Blog 2-3x a week - I have been slacking recently even though every day Im scribbling ideas down.  I just need to sit down and write even when I feel like I can't, at least Im starting and trying. 
  3. Replace my snack food with healthy snacks - My down fall with eating healthy is definitely my snacking. So instead of cutting down on my snacking completely (which is like cold turkey for me)  I want to replace the bad junk food I eat with fruits and veggies.  I think its a small change that can make a big impact.
  4. Take a few hours for myself every week -  Im really bad at saying no when someone needs something, and its for sure wearing on me.  So I know that for my mental and physical health I have put myself first a little more so I can give my full attention to loved ones.  And honestly be a less grumpy person.

I wanted to start with 4 goals that seemed attainable and not feel too overwhelmed.  I am proud of these goals, and getting excited to see how attacking my goals this month will affect my over all results.  What are your goals?  How do you set them?