Where I find Inspiration

Hi Guys, I recently got an email sent to me asking about how I find inspiration.  I thought what a cool question and I wanted to make a post out of it.  Ps you can always contact me if you want here

Here were some of my thoughts:

Overall creatively I find inspiration from trying different things, or opening my world.  Like reading a book or drawing. 

When it comes to the wallpapers: I was a marketing major and I use to work at an agency where it was almost like a competition of who had the coolest wallpaper. I saw on pinterest a few with calendars but none for the current month.  My fiancé had some graphic design/photoshop background and I asked him to update the month.  Fast forward a few month I had to switch jobs and got a very analytical job.  I wanted to start my blog to talk about what I knew and really have a creative outlet.  To me it is an outlet and I love designing them over month! I get inspired by wallpapers I have done in the past, photos I see, nature or even other peoples designs! 

When it comes to the blog: I try to write what I know.  So when I was traveling a lot I wrote about some tips I picked up.  I love my real talk post where I just share my feelings that aren't always rainbows because I think it can help someone else out there. I get inspiration from just my every day.  I also really like to read other peoples blogs to see their thoughts and what they are writing about.  I also see what I want to read from other people!

So I'd like to know from you! Where do you find inspiration? 

Tips on getting out of a Creative Rut

Hi Friends!

In my last post I wrote about needing to slow down the blog due to being spread too thin during the holidays, which is completely true but I find more than ever I continually am getting stuck in a creative rut. I not only have writer's block but I also have no idea what to write about.  One of the people I follow on Instagram wrote about not caring about her blog anymore.  In the sense that as I've said before the blog is for her and no one else.  It's only purpose is to quench our creative thirst. It is for me anyway.  Here are somethings I have tried and that have worked for me to help get back in my creative groove.

1.  Get out of my own head - Often I find myself saying "I don't know what to write" or "That's stupid and no one will like it" .  I know that I have placed excruciating standards for myself that I will always find myself falling short of.  One of the first things I needed to do was change my attitude from "that's not good enough" to "at least I am trying".  I have to constantly remind myself I am 100% guaranteed to fail if I never try. Also, failing isn't a real thing, things just turn out differently than your preconceived notions.  But that's way deeper than a blog post, just keep that in mind for hard days. 

2. Be Creative In a Different Way - There is not one singular way every person is creative.  We may be better at somethings than others but just because you are a musician doesn't mean you could never write.  This weekend I did some painting for my new apartment and it let me get creative without having to write down a single word.  It let my mind wander and think about things differently.

3.  Try Different Things - Most of the times the things I write about or things I create are my perception on things I have gone through.  But if every day feels the same then there isn't much to say.  Its important to get out and try different things.  It really can be the refresher you are looking for most of the time. 

4.  Write everything down - Today I thought about topics I wanted to write about and I thought maybe another gift guide, something with the apartment? All of these ideas just felt like meh to me.  I told myself though keep going, just because you feel like one idea you had was bad doesn't mean the next one will be.  So I continued to write ideas and it was pretty awesome to see the list form.  It is evident that as the list went on the topics got better, I thought of more points and started to get excited.

5.  Don't Shut Down your Ideas - As I was getting to in my previous point, maybe you have an idea for something you want to create and you think "eh that idea is boring", you know you'll complete the idea and follow through but your heart would only be half in it. Don't stop yourself from having that one thought, the hardest part is the first step.  Keep thinking and pushing yourself, pride yourself in the first idea and take it from there.

Hope this post helps you if you're stuck on your creative project.  Remember its always okay to take a step back and reevaluate what you're creating. I know that I feel my best when I am creating something, and I take a lot of pride in it.  What are some of the things you do to make yourself feel better when you're in a creative rut?