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I made an Instagram story about all my money saving codes so I thought that I would just put together a post into one easy spot and why I like all these sites.

Ebates - Its the best for online shopping, and they say you can use it in stores but I haven’t. They give you cash back on certain stores, the cash back changes and sometimes it doubles. But it’s a super easy way to get some money back on your purchases. I have found it incredible during the holidays! They give you $10 when you sign up. And they pay you quarterly either with a check or you can get a percentage more with picking gift cards! Ulta or Sephora are my go to!

Honey - Also give you cash back and I turn it into Amazon give cards. But Honey is really awesome at finding coupons and trying the best one out on sites for you! You’ll get $5 just for signing up!

Rover - I started this service for Billy to get some walks in while we were at work and I love it! I found a really reliable girl who loves him too. Here is $20 off your first service!

Bark Box - I LOVED Bark box for my childhood dog and I can’t wait to get Billy started. Its all healthy treats and the most adoreable toys. Here’s your first box free!

Greetabl - This is the prefect gift for someone, its personalized and there are so many cute options for whatever purpose you need! This coupon will give you 15% off “candidlykeri

Minted - Minted it where I went for all my wedding items and where Im going for our Christmas cards for sure! They have so many cute invites! Here’s $25 off your order!

Colourpop - Colourpop has some great makeup out there and I love how affordable it is! They have high pigmented eyeshadows and more lipsticks than you can imagine. And I have $5 off your first order!

Zola - Zola is amazing for any of the newly engaged out there but honestly I plan on using Zola long after the wedding. They have awesome items and they are super easy to use! Here is $50 for anyone starting a registry.

Tell me which one could you use the most? I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful!

How to use : Ebates

I know that I share with you guys most blog posts about how I use Ebates all the time! I’ve noticed that some of you have signed up but haven’t used it yet so I wanted to give some background on the site, how I use it and what I’ve made! 

What is Ebates?

If you didn’t know, Ebates is a site that helps you to earn a small percentages back of your purchase.  The percentages change, sometimes they are 1% or sometimes I’ve seen up to 14% back. Now this isn’t for every online website but it is for a lot! For example it works with; Amazon, Kohls, Groupon, Forever 21, Target, Sephora & lots more! 

You get either $10 to your Ebates account or a $10 gift card to a certain store when you sign up, right now their promo is for walmart. 

Bonus Money Saver

Ebates has also started collecting coupons too, so before you check out online you can use Ebates to see if there are any promotions going on and get cash back on top of that! I’m all about that. 

I switch between Honey and Ebates for coupons, but Ebates pretty much covers it all. 

How Do you use it?

To use Ebates, you just go to Ebates website first, find a store and then shop as normal!  

I have added a chrome extension.  So it blinks everytime Im shopping at a store that has Ebates.  This is the easiest way and I just click on it.  

When do I get my money! 

Ebates sends out money quarterly.  So you just check a check in the mail if your account total is more than $5.

Here is the schedule:

Payment Send Date

February 15

May 15

August 15

November 15

Cash Back Posting Period

January 1 - March 31

April 1 - June 30

July 1 - September 30

October 1 - December 31here...

I LOVE Ebates for when it’s Christmas time.  They usually have big deals, help me save with coupons and I get some money back! 

How much have I gotten to date?! $171

Here’s a link if you have more questions:

I hope this was helpful! Let me know do you like Ebates?! Happy Shoppings friends! 

Save Money Online & Offline

A while back I wrote a post about how to save money in your 20's, which its really for any age really! But I have since found even more ways.  I really love saving money guys. Some are repeats but these are my tried and true ways! I have to say the first two are my favorites.

Digit - This is an app where it uses your bank account, studies it, and will pull money every couple days. The algorithm is meant to take money that you really wont even know has gone missing a $10 here, $5 there and it really adds up.  I have been using it for about 2 weeks and have already saved $160.  You can withdraw the money at any time and save a lot or a little! 

Ebates - This is another really awesome one because you can get cash back for SO many sites and you get a check every 3 months. You can get $10 just for signing up! Its a little thing, but for big purchases, or around the holidays it racks up quickly.  And you often get a gift card when you sign up!

Mint - This is an amazing app that helps you budget your money.  I feel like in order to save money you need to know where you are spending it.  This app helps you to save goals, get your credit score updated and see all your expenses by categories. I seriously check this app every day.

Honey, a chrome extension that will surf the web for coupons and find the one that saves you the most money.  Sometimes, this can't work with Ebates but Ebates has also started incorporating the coupon part! 

Coupons - This may sound silly but I have the Kroger app on my phone and I go through about once a week and just add a ton of coupons onto my loyalty card (so theres no printing or leaving them at home) and I save a couple dollars every trip which adds up.

More Grocery Trips - I know this sounds counter-intuitive but I find that often I don't eat all of prepare my food in enough time if I just buy a ton once a week.  Usually I buy too much, my food goes bad and I just buy food to replace it.  Or I feel like Im running out of something and replace it too quickly. If I go twice a week I buy less, my food doesn't go bad as quick and I save money! Another tip is to go to the store with a list, and not hungry.  If I don't go with a list Im often buying things I don't need!  

Wait a week - Sometimes I just let things sit in a my shopping cart online, if Im still thinking about it a week later then I go for it, but if I have forgotten about it then there's no need.

Don't tempt yourself - If you're someone who can't not buy things in the $1 section of Target (guilty) then don't go in the store if you don't need anything. If you get tempted easy don't go into store unless its a necessity. Speaking of Target they have a great app called Cartwheel that saves you money too! 

Return Items - I know this seems silly too but I often find I buy things, feel meh about them when I get home but I don't return them.  Then I am just wasting money. Girls with makeup go shopping at Ulta or Sephora they are really good about returns even if you use something a few times and it doesn't work out.  This is where I have lost the most with money.

Wait for sales or free shipping -  I love boutiques so sometimes I buy things that I need to return and not only have a paid for shipping once but now twice.  Waiting on some of these items can really cut back a few dollars over time.

Use cash - I am one to always pull out my card when paying for things.  But I have found that if I use cash I have to be a lot more conscience on what I'm paying for. This also helps me to save up the coins.  (I really love rolling coins) 

These are some of my favorite ways that I use on a daily basis!  What are some of your favorite ways to save money? 

7 Ways to Save Money in your 20's

Hi Friends, so as you can tell from my blog name, I am sorta new to this whole adult world.  But I think at any age bills are no fun. I may be a little crazy about watching my every cent and trying to save money here and there, but no one ever said they saved too much money.  And as my mother says "You have to save money to spend money".  So here are just a few tips and tricks I have learned on how to save a few pennys. 

1. When you are moving, take all the hand-me downs you can get.  Sometimes I was stubborn and didn't want "second-hand" things.  I wanted to do it all on my own.  Dumb, take the help.  I found this very difficult myself, but things like old plates, silverware, and random furniture add up SO fast. And sometimes its not the perfect items, but it could turn into an awesome DIY project, or you wait just a few simple months to spread out all the spending so it doesn't hit you at once.  People are happy to get rid of their old stuff too. Win win for everyone.

2. Sell back some things. I have cleaned out my closet several times and taken my items to either Plato's Closet or Clothes Mentor.  They often give me very little for my clothes, but hey thats a few cups of coffee and its worth it to get rid of the extra. (COMING SOON HOW TO: PURGING YOUR CLOSET).

3. Wait to purchase things.  Sometimes I get these urges like I NEED A PRINTER NOW. (Um okay Keri). But anyways sometimes I sit on the idea for a while and if I need to print things I go to Fedex or use my work printer.  I find that we think a lot of purchases are necessary when they aren't. Waiting just a week makes this item either a must have or I can live without.

4. Apps on our phone.  I use my bank app every day to see my transaction and that keeps me really on top of my spending.  I also use the app and website Mint.  This site is SO helpful.  It helps you to make budgets and tags your purchases.  This helps you see trends, how you spend your money and where it goes each month.  I found it really helpful when I wanted to sit down and set a budget for the year, I looked at my spending for the last 6 months, with monthly averages.  I found areas I could cut, made realistic budgets and set a goal for my savings account.

5. Rebates.  This is one of my favorites. If you haven't heard of Ebates, you should sign up right now! This site gives you money back on a ton of websites you shop at online. I have no idea how they do it. It's super simple, you just go through their site before you go to your desired site.  It will give you a check once a quarter or to your pay pal account.  I have made $40 this way and my mom has made $150 during christmas time. I also have started using Ibotta for grocery items.  I am still learning the ropes on this but it seems to work out well.  Here you can get more gift cards to a lot of great places! 

6. Return Items that don't work for you.  I often buy clothes or makeup and sometimes I just think eh its okay. Return these items! Don't buy things that aren't 100% and make up stores are really good about taking things back if its not exactly what you want. I feel like I have lost so much money by keeping things I was just too lazy to return.

7. Upwork. This is a site that lets you do some work on the side, you do need 3 references but you can do anything form social media work, photoshop, to secretary items.  They give different hour options and prices. It s a really easy way to do some things on the side by your terms.

I hope this helps to trim the fat on some areas or make some extra cash if you are looking to save more money! What tips do you have? I'm always looking for new ways.