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I made an Instagram story about all my money saving codes so I thought that I would just put together a post into one easy spot and why I like all these sites.

Ebates - Its the best for online shopping, and they say you can use it in stores but I haven’t. They give you cash back on certain stores, the cash back changes and sometimes it doubles. But it’s a super easy way to get some money back on your purchases. I have found it incredible during the holidays! They give you $10 when you sign up. And they pay you quarterly either with a check or you can get a percentage more with picking gift cards! Ulta or Sephora are my go to!

Honey - Also give you cash back and I turn it into Amazon give cards. But Honey is really awesome at finding coupons and trying the best one out on sites for you! You’ll get $5 just for signing up!

Rover - I started this service for Billy to get some walks in while we were at work and I love it! I found a really reliable girl who loves him too. Here is $20 off your first service!

Bark Box - I LOVED Bark box for my childhood dog and I can’t wait to get Billy started. Its all healthy treats and the most adoreable toys. Here’s your first box free!

Greetabl - This is the prefect gift for someone, its personalized and there are so many cute options for whatever purpose you need! This coupon will give you 15% off “candidlykeri

Minted - Minted it where I went for all my wedding items and where Im going for our Christmas cards for sure! They have so many cute invites! Here’s $25 off your order!

Colourpop - Colourpop has some great makeup out there and I love how affordable it is! They have high pigmented eyeshadows and more lipsticks than you can imagine. And I have $5 off your first order!

Zola - Zola is amazing for any of the newly engaged out there but honestly I plan on using Zola long after the wedding. They have awesome items and they are super easy to use! Here is $50 for anyone starting a registry.

Tell me which one could you use the most? I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful!

Greetabl Review

So this Christmas Season I did something a little different for my friends and I got them all Greetabl gift boxes for Christmas and I just loved it! I wanted to tell you all about it and give you guys a special code too where you can get money off! (If you can't wait the code is 'candidlykeri' for 15% off your first order) be sure to keep reading the pro's and con's I have found!

How Greetabl Works: 

1. Pick your pattern! I LOVE this part, they have the cutest patterns, some are holiday related.  Like right now there's a lot of hearts for valentines day. Here is a picture of some of the patterns! 

Greetabl review coupon code

2.  Then you pick the gift inside.  The gifts range from candies to cute dishes, candles or lotion! There really was something for every one of my friends.  When you make the box too they let you know if there is extra room for confetti or another gift.  Heres how the gifts look, I also love looking up the different brands of these awesome gifts to and bookmarking them for myself! 

Greetabl review coupon code

3.  Then my favorite part.  You get to put in photos of you and your friends and a nice note.  This was a really fun part of it! I think my friends were surprised by the cute gift in the box but they loved the personalized touch to it. It links to your social media or you can upload photos so its super easy!

Okay so the important part, my thoughts!


  • It was a super easy go-to for ALL of my friends, no matter what their interests are.

  • You could edit it after, this wasn't a pain which I was worried about

  • You can schedule your gifts so, for example, I made all of these when I had free time in November and scheduled them to be sent out for Christmas. I asked how this worked because I was worried they may run out of my product. But once you purchase it, they put the box together and then ship it on the 15th so it would get there in time for Christmas! I loved that I could make this early and then not have to worry about it.


  • The gifts add up quickly, so purchasing for 6 different friends added up quick. But that's also how it is with the holidays.

  • The shipping is individual, which I sorta get but I wish there was a discount when you order multiple

My Recommendation:

This is the perfect gift for a long distance friends or a birthday present! It can add up when you have multiple people you are purchasing for. But I love this as a thinking of you gift.  They also have a set up of when you get an account you can input your friends birthdays.  They will send you a reminder to get them a gift in time and I loved this aspect of it! 

Don't forget when you check out to use 'candidlykeri' for 15% off! 

Let me know if you have used greetabl before and what your thoughts are! 

How to: Digit

So I know I talk a lot about saving money on the blog and my love for Digit or Ebates but I never get to say why! Hopefully, you've checked out my post about Ebates and this one is all about Digit! This is perfect for those new year's resolutions of saving more money or saving up for some goals you have! 

*Unfortunately it doesn't work outside of the United States yet. 

Digit is a really cool app that sets up a separate account for you, for $2.99 a month and it saves it. The app studies your habits and it takes enough every few days that you barely even notice it's gone. But it adds up quickly let me tell you. I think I have saved over $3000 with it so far.  I love it because it goes into a separate account and this is where I pull money for some expenses I'm not expecting like new tires or doctors appointments without dipping into my savings account. 

You can also add someone to the account, so, for example, Henry and I can both contribute to a goal for the wedding. 

I really try to not touch that account unless I have to so I love digit that dedicated for things like that.  You can also set goals with it so, for example, I have set goals for it to save money for the wedding, concerts and some new athletic wear. Again I love it because it takes some here and there so I barely even notice. 

The app is super helpful and easy to use! They text you every day and let you know how much is in your checking and you can easily see why it changed.  They also give you interested on how much you've saved so usually my $2.99 is covered! 

Have any questions? Check out the video on digit's homepage, it's super helpful! And here is there FAQ's.

Just thought I'd share why I like these products so much, I hope you check it out and let me know what you think! 

Top Blog Posts!

Hi Friends, it's been a big year for Candidly Keri, and I feel like some really cool stuff is on the horizon for it in 2018 :).  For now, though I thought I'd do a little blog roundup with some of my favorite posts from the year.  Just in case you missed it or wanted to revisit a post.  I have a blog newsletter as well, I don't send out emails too much but it keeps everyone up to date!  

So I've broken it down by category, revisit some of the old posts, and give it a like or a comment if you really liked the post too that way I know to make more like it! 

Lifestyle Posts

Reading List - I got a few comments that you guys like to see what Im reading so I drew up this list.  REading more is in my new years goal so I plan on getting to all of these

Bucket List 30 by 30 - I did a 25 by 25 and I got a lot of things done on that list, so I decided to do a 30 by 30 and you guys seemed to enjoy it! Comment something on your bucket list on there!

Giving back/Cleaning out - I did a post on how I completely cleared out our apartment this holiday season and gave it all away.  I thought it was a good post explaining where and why I donated certain items.  Its a perfect post for spring cleaning! 

Social Media Detox - I participated in a small social media detox and it was amazing, I suggest starting every year like this,  I might even start every month with it until I learn better habits! 


Why I work out in the morning - This post is perfect for the new year, and I need to make sure I listen to my own advice ;) Hopefully it gives you the little extra boost that you're looking for! 

Advice for working at home - A little bit more of a mental health post but still I think its good none the less if you do work at home, even if it's for a blog like me.  

Whats in my gym bag - I liked putting this post together, make sure you scroll to the end.  I've put together a super easy list to check out! 

Sunday Self Care - Another more mental health post.  But it's some ideas of things you can do on Sunday to refresh and feel more energized for the week coming ahead! But it's perfect for any you time.

Fashion & Makeup

Spring Fashion & Fall Fashion - Both of these post were done in collaboartion with Tobi which was a reall big deal for me.  It was a little outside of my comfort zone but I loved how it pushed me creatively and I thought they turned out well! 

KL Polish Review - I see that this post gets looked at frequently, its a review on Kathleen Lights new polish line.  I think I will be getting some more polishes soon so I will keep you updated for sure! 

At home Spa day - Some of my favorite products are shared here to help my skin, hair and nails for a little at home spa day

Fall Makeup - Fall Makeup is my favorite type of make up and I just loved how this post turned out.  I'd love to know if you'd like more like this!

Money Saving

Money Saving Tips - Here are some tips that I use everyday to save me a little extra money, perfect for the new year!

Using Ebates - I always say that I love Ebates but I never explained how I use it, so thats exactly what this post is for! 

*Coming soon is how to save with Digit so stay tuned for that! Please let me know if you'd like to see how I use Mint, the budgeting website too! 


Bark Box - I lost my my dog this year and it was painful, but sending her bark boxes before she passed brought me SO much joy.  Bark box also handled her passing with so much kindness.  I just wnated to share this post again because if you're thinking of signing up, do it! Usuing my link you'll get a first box free and Ill be able to donate to a shelter in Maddies name! 

I hope you liked this round up! I'd love to hear from you on what you liked and what you want to see more of! 

Happy New Year Friends! 

How to use : Ebates

I know that I share with you guys most blog posts about how I use Ebates all the time! I’ve noticed that some of you have signed up but haven’t used it yet so I wanted to give some background on the site, how I use it and what I’ve made! 

What is Ebates?

If you didn’t know, Ebates is a site that helps you to earn a small percentages back of your purchase.  The percentages change, sometimes they are 1% or sometimes I’ve seen up to 14% back. Now this isn’t for every online website but it is for a lot! For example it works with; Amazon, Kohls, Groupon, Forever 21, Target, Sephora & lots more! 

You get either $10 to your Ebates account or a $10 gift card to a certain store when you sign up, right now their promo is for walmart. 

Bonus Money Saver

Ebates has also started collecting coupons too, so before you check out online you can use Ebates to see if there are any promotions going on and get cash back on top of that! I’m all about that. 

I switch between Honey and Ebates for coupons, but Ebates pretty much covers it all. 

How Do you use it?

To use Ebates, you just go to Ebates website first, find a store and then shop as normal!  

I have added a chrome extension.  So it blinks everytime Im shopping at a store that has Ebates.  This is the easiest way and I just click on it.  

When do I get my money! 

Ebates sends out money quarterly.  So you just check a check in the mail if your account total is more than $5.

Here is the schedule:

Payment Send Date

February 15

May 15

August 15

November 15

Cash Back Posting Period

January 1 - March 31

April 1 - June 30

July 1 - September 30

October 1 - December 31here...

I LOVE Ebates for when it’s Christmas time.  They usually have big deals, help me save with coupons and I get some money back! 

How much have I gotten to date?! $171

Here’s a link if you have more questions:

I hope this was helpful! Let me know do you like Ebates?! Happy Shoppings friends!