My Current Favorite Podcast

Hi Guys, so recently have really jumped on the bandwagon of podcasts and I now get why they are such a trend.  It's an easy way to listen to some of your favorite people on a much more personal level and it feels like you are in the room with them.  I love listening to them when I have small tasks or am sick of listening to music.  I also find myself listening to them when I'm working out or walking.  So here it is some of my top podcasts!


Juicy Scoop- This podcast is my all time favorite, it is done by Heather McDonald, a comedian you may remember from Chelsea Lately.  She is hilarious and talks weekly about things going on in the media.

Heather Debrow's World- This is another Heather from the Real Housewives of Orange County.  I will have to warn you that some time the content is very hit or miss. Not one of my favorite but a good filler.

The PHP- This is Perez Hilton's podcast.  And hear me out, I'm not a huge fan of his but he usually has a large scoop on reality things and he has a co-host that balances him really well.  This is only for the reality lovers.


Ladies Lovin' - Remember Laguna Beach or The Hills (the rest is still unwritten) well Lo Bosworth is on a podcast with a group of friends and they usually talk about different relatable topics each week.  And it feels like you're just enjoying coffee with a group of girlfriends.  A new find that I'm really enjoying. 

Self Help:

10% Happier with Dan Harris- I have recently started Dan's book and Im really enjoying it.  He started a podcast thats only about 2 weeks old.  I find the topics interesting so far and super relatable.


Rob Bell- Ah my first podcast love.  I absolutely love anything by Rob Bell. He speaks in a way that really resonates with me and each week his podcast feels like its directed right at me.  Highly recommend.


Modern Love- This is an interesting one. These are personal essay's that are published and read by celebrities.  Then there is a check in at the end of the segment.  Something different and delightful!

What are some of your favorites? I am always looking for new ones! And make sure to like and comment below if you enjoy this type of content!