How To: Purge Your Closet

It's becoming that time, Spring Cleaning Time. This past weekend in Cincinnati was beautiful, I was able to go for a hike and open all the windows to get some fresh air into the apartment.  It inspired me to start spring cleaning. To me spring cleaning isn't just deep cleaning it's also getting rid of a lot of items.  Thankfully I grew up in a house where every season we cleaned things out and either threw it out or donated it.  Even with that mentally of cleaning things regularly it's amazing how much I still have, but anyways Im here to help!

The first tip I have to cleaning out your closet is to organize it. Now Im a crazy and have things organized by style type for example, short sleeve, tank tops, long sleeve and drawers of work out clothes. Its also color coordinated, now this isn't for everyone but by just tiding up your closet it helps you to really look at everything and see what you have.

Step two, throw out anything that is damaged, you'd be amazed if you really looked at your shirts how many have little holes or stained.  For me this was a lot of my lounge wear and work out clothes.  Even though those may be a little bit more exceptable to be damaged I never reached for them.  Also you may find a few shirts here and there you forgot had holes.  You'll probably never repair them and they will just get worse. Throw those out.

Now, on to season.  I think it's easiest to go by the season that you're either currently in or just getting through.  You have the most familiarity with these clothes and can make better judgement on what to get rid of.  The cardinal rule here is if you didn't wear it within the season throw it out or sell it. This is a super strict rule and I get it, I have a REALLY hard time following it.  But I also know that purging regularly I have a ton of items where I'm like "Oh I didn't wear it this season but it's cute and I sure will next season" and oh surprise I never wore it. There are of course some exceptions to this rule like interview outfits or more dressy items.  But also take a second look, sometimes you find yourself wanting something different.  By getting rid of the items you're just meh about it allows room to get items you love and will wear more regularly.

After you have completed the most recent season, I find it easier to go onto the next season coming up but you can go through whatever one you'd like.  And just ask yourself did I wear this at all. I have heard the rule of if you haven't worn it in the past 6 months get rid of it. Its harder to go through seasons like summer when you're in winter because you may be like "Oh there's for sure a chance I'd wear this".  This is why I try to go through my clothes once a season.  

I also am a culprit of having a lot of t-shirts, whether from college, my sorority of even high school. I still need to get ride of a lot of these items. But one question I ask myself is would I want to be seen in this next year? If the answer is no I pitch it.  There comes a certain age where its just not that cool to wear your bar shirt out and about from junior year.  If this is an around the house shirt by all means keep it! But just remember you don't need as much lounge wear as you think.

The last step I do is ... go through it all again.  I know this sounds a little ridiculous but often times there are a lot of items I am on the fence about I don't grab the first go around.  When I look at it again Im like okay I really wont wear this.

I often try to sell my clothes at Plato's Closet or College Mentor and I often go to two stores of each since they take different items.  I am trying ThredUp where you can send you items through the mail, they will give you money and then donate the rest. 

I hope this helps you during your spring cleaning! Let me know in the comments below if you would like tips for purging your office!