Candidly Keri Turns 1 + Huge Announcement

I can't believe it, Candidly Keri and this little blog is now a whole year old.  When I set out to start a blog I had a much different version of what this blog would be.  I originally wanted to help people with job searching and finding jobs since I had been put through the ringer in my own job search.  But the more I thought about this blog the more I wanted to share so much more of myself.  I wanted to share the creative, funny and thoughtful parts of myself.

If you guys have been here from the beginning then you know that this blog was called  Life After Graduation because thats what it was at first.  But I'm so happy that it has evolved to Candidly Keri and really encompasses it. 

I remember thinking it would be so cool if I could get 10 people to visit the site, then that turned into 100, then 1,000 then 10,000.  All in a year.  Now Im thinking big, 100,00 sounds like a mighty fine number doesn't it. Ha in all seriousness I love that Candidly Keri has been a place to dream, make goals and work hard. 

Thank you to any one and every one who has ever clicked on the blog, read it or downloaded a wallpaper.  I'll never be able to explain what it means to me. 

I am so happy that everyone enjoys the wallpapers so much that I have decided to start a little business with Candidly Keri in making personalized wallpapers.  Whether it's for yourself, a company, fitness, makeup group, anything I'd love to work with you!  You can read a little bit more about a collaboration I did recently here! Feel free to email me at if you'd like to collaborate and we can chat about product and pricing!

From the bottom of my heart thank you for any support!



Valentines Day: Outfit Options

Its almost Valentines Day! So you know what that means, lots of red, pink and lace! I know that it is coming up fast so I have picked out a few items that you can grab last minute, whether you have a romantic date or a fun Galentines! (All items are under $50!!) These were some of my favorite, and I think its really cute to add a pop of pink or red here and there! 

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

Red Dress $44 - This red dress just speaks to me, I love its classic twist.  Its covering but still has a lot of flare, perfect for a nice dinner out (really at any time of year).




Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 5.29.27 PM.png

Pink Skirt $25 - This pink skirt is a perfect flirty option for a night out! I love the cut of it and think a lot of fun items could work with it!



Red or Blush Lace Tank $25 - A twist on a tank top out with lace detailing that is perfect for Galentines or a night out with Valentines day.


White Blazer $33- Maybe you aren't into pink or red, this white blazer will give you an edge but still dress you up.  I love the cut of it!



Ruby Red Earrings $14 - Red earring are the perfect touch if you want to show you're celebrating but not too obvious.  These are gorgeous earring that will step up any outfit.


Nude Heels $42 - These nude heels are everything.  They are simple and sexy, perfect for any outfit really, jeans, the skirt or dress above. Im in love! 


Marquee Sign $8 - Lastly, I just loved this sign to spruce things up a little in your home.  I thought it was a cute inexpensive item to get in the holiday spirit. 


I hope you enjoyed my picks! What are you plans for Valentines day? H and I are planning an evening in with a wonderful home cooked meal and movie night (we are homebody's). 



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