How to use : Ebates

I know that I share with you guys most blog posts about how I use Ebates all the time! I’ve noticed that some of you have signed up but haven’t used it yet so I wanted to give some background on the site, how I use it and what I’ve made! 

What is Ebates?

If you didn’t know, Ebates is a site that helps you to earn a small percentages back of your purchase.  The percentages change, sometimes they are 1% or sometimes I’ve seen up to 14% back. Now this isn’t for every online website but it is for a lot! For example it works with; Amazon, Kohls, Groupon, Forever 21, Target, Sephora & lots more! 

You get either $10 to your Ebates account or a $10 gift card to a certain store when you sign up, right now their promo is for walmart. 

Bonus Money Saver

Ebates has also started collecting coupons too, so before you check out online you can use Ebates to see if there are any promotions going on and get cash back on top of that! I’m all about that. 

I switch between Honey and Ebates for coupons, but Ebates pretty much covers it all. 

How Do you use it?

To use Ebates, you just go to Ebates website first, find a store and then shop as normal!  

I have added a chrome extension.  So it blinks everytime Im shopping at a store that has Ebates.  This is the easiest way and I just click on it.  

When do I get my money! 

Ebates sends out money quarterly.  So you just check a check in the mail if your account total is more than $5.

Here is the schedule:

Payment Send Date

February 15

May 15

August 15

November 15

Cash Back Posting Period

January 1 - March 31

April 1 - June 30

July 1 - September 30

October 1 - December 31here...

I LOVE Ebates for when it’s Christmas time.  They usually have big deals, help me save with coupons and I get some money back! 

How much have I gotten to date?! $171

Here’s a link if you have more questions:

I hope this was helpful! Let me know do you like Ebates?! Happy Shoppings friends!