What is Bullet Journaling?

Have you heard about bullet journaling? I have been seeing all these pins and posts recently so I thought I'd look into it. 

As you may know, I just recently had a post about all my favorite journals. With that being said, I've got a lot of journals floating around.  Bullet journaling is supposed to be a place that holds everything; goals, to do lists, diary and habit trackers. To only have to hold one journal would be amazing!

I found this article on Buzzfeed about bullet journaling and here is the summary.

Bullet journaling is good because:

  • You can customize it - Meaning you can use it for whatever you want, healthy, fitness, journaling, agendas or to-do lists!

  • It can change with you - If something isn't working, you don't have to keep doing it!

  • You can make it colorful - Use your favorite colors or as little color as you like

  • You can brain dump - You can just put everything you want onto paper, out of your mind and into something tangible

  • You can use symbols - The symbols they have help to keep things in categories and more organized

  • Keeps you organized! - It has whatever you want all in one place

  • Another helpful article

So Im going to give it a try and report back to you my thoughts on it! Let me know if you have tried it or if you have any tips! There is this super intense instagram community of it and it's serious #goals.