Top Blog Posts!

Hi Friends, it's been a big year for Candidly Keri, and I feel like some really cool stuff is on the horizon for it in 2018 :).  For now, though I thought I'd do a little blog roundup with some of my favorite posts from the year.  Just in case you missed it or wanted to revisit a post.  I have a blog newsletter as well, I don't send out emails too much but it keeps everyone up to date!  

So I've broken it down by category, revisit some of the old posts, and give it a like or a comment if you really liked the post too that way I know to make more like it! 

Lifestyle Posts

Reading List - I got a few comments that you guys like to see what Im reading so I drew up this list.  REading more is in my new years goal so I plan on getting to all of these

Bucket List 30 by 30 - I did a 25 by 25 and I got a lot of things done on that list, so I decided to do a 30 by 30 and you guys seemed to enjoy it! Comment something on your bucket list on there!

Giving back/Cleaning out - I did a post on how I completely cleared out our apartment this holiday season and gave it all away.  I thought it was a good post explaining where and why I donated certain items.  Its a perfect post for spring cleaning! 

Social Media Detox - I participated in a small social media detox and it was amazing, I suggest starting every year like this,  I might even start every month with it until I learn better habits! 


Why I work out in the morning - This post is perfect for the new year, and I need to make sure I listen to my own advice ;) Hopefully it gives you the little extra boost that you're looking for! 

Advice for working at home - A little bit more of a mental health post but still I think its good none the less if you do work at home, even if it's for a blog like me.  

Whats in my gym bag - I liked putting this post together, make sure you scroll to the end.  I've put together a super easy list to check out! 

Sunday Self Care - Another more mental health post.  But it's some ideas of things you can do on Sunday to refresh and feel more energized for the week coming ahead! But it's perfect for any you time.

Fashion & Makeup

Spring Fashion & Fall Fashion - Both of these post were done in collaboartion with Tobi which was a reall big deal for me.  It was a little outside of my comfort zone but I loved how it pushed me creatively and I thought they turned out well! 

KL Polish Review - I see that this post gets looked at frequently, its a review on Kathleen Lights new polish line.  I think I will be getting some more polishes soon so I will keep you updated for sure! 

At home Spa day - Some of my favorite products are shared here to help my skin, hair and nails for a little at home spa day

Fall Makeup - Fall Makeup is my favorite type of make up and I just loved how this post turned out.  I'd love to know if you'd like more like this!

Money Saving

Money Saving Tips - Here are some tips that I use everyday to save me a little extra money, perfect for the new year!

Using Ebates - I always say that I love Ebates but I never explained how I use it, so thats exactly what this post is for! 

*Coming soon is how to save with Digit so stay tuned for that! Please let me know if you'd like to see how I use Mint, the budgeting website too! 


Bark Box - I lost my my dog this year and it was painful, but sending her bark boxes before she passed brought me SO much joy.  Bark box also handled her passing with so much kindness.  I just wnated to share this post again because if you're thinking of signing up, do it! Usuing my link you'll get a first box free and Ill be able to donate to a shelter in Maddies name! 

I hope you liked this round up! I'd love to hear from you on what you liked and what you want to see more of! 

Happy New Year Friends! 

Candidly Keri Turns 1 + Huge Announcement

I can't believe it, Candidly Keri and this little blog is now a whole year old.  When I set out to start a blog I had a much different version of what this blog would be.  I originally wanted to help people with job searching and finding jobs since I had been put through the ringer in my own job search.  But the more I thought about this blog the more I wanted to share so much more of myself.  I wanted to share the creative, funny and thoughtful parts of myself.

If you guys have been here from the beginning then you know that this blog was called  Life After Graduation because thats what it was at first.  But I'm so happy that it has evolved to Candidly Keri and really encompasses it. 

I remember thinking it would be so cool if I could get 10 people to visit the site, then that turned into 100, then 1,000 then 10,000.  All in a year.  Now Im thinking big, 100,00 sounds like a mighty fine number doesn't it. Ha in all seriousness I love that Candidly Keri has been a place to dream, make goals and work hard. 

Thank you to any one and every one who has ever clicked on the blog, read it or downloaded a wallpaper.  I'll never be able to explain what it means to me. 

I am so happy that everyone enjoys the wallpapers so much that I have decided to start a little business with Candidly Keri in making personalized wallpapers.  Whether it's for yourself, a company, fitness, makeup group, anything I'd love to work with you!  You can read a little bit more about a collaboration I did recently here! Feel free to email me at if you'd like to collaborate and we can chat about product and pricing!

From the bottom of my heart thank you for any support!



One Month of Blogging

Things I have learned from writing a blog for a month:

Holy crap is this a lot of work, first off I commend all the creators out there.  It’s easy to have an idea, but executing and putting out good work, not only takes time but a lot of energy.  I feel as though I have learned a lot about myself in this month.  I had a goal in mind and at times I found it not obtainable but I’ve been able to keep up and keep going!  I have set little goals for myself and it amazes me if you put the effort in, you’re able to achieve it. Also, there are so many kind people in the blogging universe! It’s such a breath of fresh air from the every day.

I just want to create a little piece of myself here.  To give to others and ultimately to give to myself.  I have always felt my best when I am creating.

I found there were different stages with starting a blog.  First it was, “Wow this is cool” and “Look at what I can do”.  Then it was “Wow look at what they have, ugh I’ll never be that.” I felt that I needed all the right clothes and makeup to fit in (taking me back to the first day of high school, or any day at high school), even though I never set out to be a beauty guru.  Then, it was picking myself up, accepting that it’s a fabricated reality, and we choose what we show to the world. I need to not only be true to myself but try every day to be my best self.  I had a lot of doubts and put myself down a lot for a week or two there.  But I have to remember that I can’t compare myself to someone's middle when I’m just beginning.

I of course am learning a lot about websites, marketing, and social media.  Which is really helping grow my skills as a young professional in the marketing world.  I’m really trying to work on my writing skills.  I have never been a great or even an okay writer and I’m finding it easier to find not only my words but my voice.  

I can’t wait to see what the months ahead will bring me and I can’t wait to continue down this journey! Thanks for coming with me this far and I hope to see you down the road!