Music Monday: Vol 9

Hi Guy! Haven't had a Music Monday in a while with the holiday but its back! Please comment with some of your favorite songs and I will be sure it check it out!

New Releases:

One of the heavier songs I have put on the site but this feels like such an anthem song to me with the multiple vocals.  Reminds me of the song Mountain Man.  I really like Biffy Clyro.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bad Suns.  They have such a unique sound that I just love.  This is their new single and it makes me so excited for what's coming on their new album.  Highly recommend listening and seeing live!

New Discoveries: Aka Spotify told me to listen

This brought me back to my pop punk roots when I was in middle school just even better.  I really liked this song and their album artwork is right up my alley!

This song popped up while I was working out and I loved her indie pop sound.  The chorus was just undeniably catchy.  I really like this as a summer time song.

Tove Lo just kills it every time and this is probably one of my favorite songs to date.  Its so catchy and has a great build up to it!  This is how a collaboration should be done!

I really like Hailee Steinfield, I think she is super talented.  This is a new sound for her and I like it.  Not over the moon for it but I love the chorus, not so sure how I feel about the slower parts.

Another sound that brings me to my punk pop days.  I need to check out some more of their sound because I really like this song.

Hope you enjoyed some of these songs!