Updated Bark Box Review

Bark Box! Oh my gosh you guys, I can't even tell you how much I love Bark Box.  As someone who working in marketing their emails are the best.  But a while ago I got my dog Maddie who lives in Florida with my parents a Bark Box subscription.  Last October they found a tumor on her tail, and we are happy to say that after an amputation she's doing great for a soon to be 13-year old Golden! 

I got this box as my way to cheer her up and have been paying $29 a month ($9 extra for an extra toy) every since.  [If you use Ebates they give money back!! Also if you use my code first box is free, and you can cancel anytime!!]  My parents face time when she gets her box and I get to see her play with the toys.  She loves it and has a new favorite toy that she always carries around which never happens! And WHEN she does destroy her toys you can email destroyersclub@barkshop.com and they will give you credits to the shop (PRO TIP: one a day gets you more credits than sending it all at once). This does not give you credits towards your box!

So I just wanted to give some updated photos of what she gets and just share a product I really love!  If you don't want to commit to the whole box they have the cutest toys/shop! And they ship super quick! With my code you'll get some free treats! 

I have to leave you with this! Let me me know if you try Bark Box!! 

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