Favorite At-Home Workouts

Hi guys, so as I shared a while ago I am in it to win it with my fitness game.  My wedding was a big motivator that's for sure, but I was tired of not feeling good so I finally took matters into my own hands.  I was doing the Body Boss Method, you can check out my post about that here! But I got sick and then I restarted the program and it sorta of got boring to me.  So I have interchanged some of the workouts because I am crazy busy and I just need a mental switch.  I plan on going back but when I don't really have a plan and need something quick, I'm sharing my favorite go to places. 

So besides the method, my go-to is Youtube!

For 30-45 minute workouts - I love the channel Pop Sugar.  I love when they have guest trainers those are my favorite.  And I get to try fun workouts like Pilates at home or barre all from the comfort of my apartment. This is one of my recent favorites.

Something quick and targeted - I go to Tone It Up.  I find their program really good but it frustrated me when I go to work out and you have to do that daily moves from your phone and then go through 2 or 3 videos.  I like to just go through one video.  So if I want to add something quick and targeted I go here.  Here's my favorite arm workout, core, and booty

When I need to relax - Yoga with Adrienne is my girl.  I love her yoga and her message.  She has relaxing and stretching videos like this or something quick pace. I need to use her more as a work out then a cooldown but I highly recommend her. 

Something fun - I'm not a dancer but dancing sometimes to these videos are exactly what I need.  Now, of course, the songs are short so I'll put a playlist together and dance with the fitness marshall! He has a playlist on his station like this one

Or Pinterest! 

When I want to do a quick circuit at home I have some workout's saved with Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites.  I tried to do a lot of body weight workouts so that's what I look for. 

I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas for work outs.  Im dabbling in running its a new world for me.  I usaully hate running but Im also really working on my stamina and trying to push myself so I like the challenge! 

Whats your go to work out?