Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Primer

Hi Guys! So Im not sure if you have heard of Nivea Post Shave Balm Sensitive used as a primer for girls, but it's all the rage in the Youtube world. So I decided to give it a whirl.  The reason that this product is being used as a primer is because it uses glycerin and that is like an adhesive for make up to your skin.  I have read some of the reviews and most are positive but ALSO most people didn't have oily skin.  

Here is what I found from my experience:

  1. It smells like man - This is weird and nice all at the same time but it doesn't last
  2. It smoothed out my face - Much better than a lot of other products I have used, because I don't really like silicone feeling primers
  3. It feels like moisturizer
  4. It did not combat my oiliness

Overall, I really like it.  A lot more than I thought I would.  It didn't really help with my oiliness but it didn't hurt either.  A lot of mattifying products dry me out which creates more oil.  I like this product because it is light, feels like moisturizer and is easy to use.  It also only cost about $7 and there is a TON of product!

Tips on how to use it: Get a small amount (I feel like I easily use too much and it comes out of the bottle fast) and to massage it into your face.  Continue to massage it until it no longer feels like lotion and is tacky.  This helps to adhere the make up!

What are your thoughts? Would you try it? Have you and what are your thoughts if you have!