Music Monday: Vol 17

Hi Friends, I hope you are having a fabulous Monday! I am actually looking forward to Mondays now since I get to talk music with all of you! Please comment below if you want me to make any different type of playlist for the site! I'd love your input!

I recently got this album on vinyl and although I like their first album a little better, I love this song off the album. They have such a unique sound with the lead singers voice but I love the rough bass sound and the airy sound of the vocalist come together.

I stumbled across this song and I loved the Indie Pop vibes it gave off.  So catchy

This song reminds me of punk pop for middle school days and hey I love it.  The pop sound with the angsty lyrics.

I love my upbeat Indie songs if you couldn't tell! :) Here is another one of my current favorites!

I love my more rock songs and this is just a nice classic rock song.  Are you guys liking this type of music?

Check out Moon Taxi if you haven't already, I love all of their work.  Their chorus always gets me and I find myself singing it for hours.

I just found this band/song so I for sure want to check out because I love this song!

Im not sure how I feel about this new album but this is one of the songs Im for sure liking.  But I still love the older albums a little bit better!

Tell me your favorites! I love it!

Music Monday: Vol 16

Hi Guys, coming to you with another Music Monday, did you see my review about Vnyl? A subscription to vinys? I have a coupon code if you want, just email me at and Ill hook you up!

Coming to you this week with a lot of Indie Alt goodness and some pop mixed in!

This is one of my favorite from the new KOL album, I love this lighter version of them. Reminds me of Aha Shake Heartbreak but more pop.


I just thing DNCE is so catchy, and Im so happy that their new song didn't fall flat.  All their music makes me want to dance and sing.  I love it!

I stumbled across this song and it was a breath of fresh air.  Its just some indie pop goodness with a good message.

I feel like Parachute always just falls under the radar but they have a few hidden gems and I think this is one of them.  You just find yourself humming it hours later.

Waters seems to just keep creeping into my playlist, I feel like they are Grouplove's sibling and that's not a bad thing.  


I stumbled across this song again and I just wanted to share it in case it wasn't on your radar.  I feel like its the first song to put 1975 on the map.

What are you favorite songs this week? I'd love to take a listen!

Music Monday: Vol 6

Hi Friends! Who is ready for another Music Monday?!  There have been some new releases that I am really digging!  I am looking for some new music to check out, so help me out and leave me any suggestions here!

I love OneRepublic, Teddy the lead singer is an amazing song writer and singer.  I just have such an appreciation and this song is just so catchy.  I'm in love, hope this is a great sign for the album!

Okay you guys know I actively try not to like these songs, but I just can't help it! I love the beat, and just dancing around to it at my apartment.  The slow build is also on point!

I thought since this song would be for a kids movie I wouldn't like it, and yet I'm never turning it off when its on the radio.  It just puts you in such a good mood! And I love that JT is making music again.

I love Mike Posner, and I think his new sound is really admirable.  This is one of my favorite songs from the new album and such a great message! Remember "Just be as you are" 

Getting back to my indie pop roots! This is a must listen to anything who like that genre, I just love the different sound with the lead singer's voice.  So catchy!

This girl reminds me of old band that I just can't place.  But it just a great song to jam to especially in the car, cant wait to check out more music from them!

I'm loving music that sounds like this currently its just different but SO good.  I love the bridge and chorus.  If you guys like this type of music please leave recommendations!!

Super upbeat song in time for window down weather.  Perfect for the summer, love finding bands like this!  I love his voice and the sound that comes with it.

This song reminds me of Carly Rae Jepsen a little but more edgy.  And Im digging it. Another great break up song if you are looking for one! 

This song is so smooth and yet a more upbeat acoustic song.  It just a great song I love how everything came together and I love the whole wolf sound.  Give it a try!

Also I'm looking to work with a vinyl company and if you guys have any suggestions let me know!

Music Monday: Vol 5

Hi Friends! Another week another music Monday! I hope you are enjoying this series!  This week is just going to be all new releases because I have been so busy with the launch of the new wallpapers but there will hopefully be more songs next week!  

This is going to be the best break up anthem of the summer I can feel it.  I recently got into Ingrid and I should have much sooner!

Im digging the new song of Young the Giant for this song, definitely a new sound for them but really cool! 

I was always waiting for a little more with this song, like a big drop or bigger build up so a little disappointed in that but its Rihanna and Calvin Harris, gotta love.

I feel like this is a lost track to one of Blink's old albums.  Im just so happy they are putting out more music I couldn't care what it sounded like.  But I LOVE IT!

Needtobreathe will always hold a special place in my heart, their songs have great meanings and sometimes are like chants and just very enchanting at the same time. It's always a pick me up with them.

What are some of your favorites this week??

Music Monday: Vol 4

Hi Friends! I hope you are enjoying this series, be sure to let me know in the comments or likes! Here is my round up of music I can't stop listening to.  Next week Im going to try to put together a post about if you like a certain band you may lie "insert here".  Which Im super excited for! And be sure to check back next week because Im going to completely redo all the playlist!

Upbeat (These songs just make me want to roof down the windows and dance):

Gotta be honest I wasn't a huge fan of this song but H loves it.  And having the windows rolled down to this song was pretty much perfection.  A great summer song.

I have followed Andrew McMahon since Something Corporate ( I hope you have too).  Every time he reinvents himself its better and better.  I love his other song Cecilia and the Satellite.

If you haven't heard-

Im still warming up to Atlas Genius newest album, but their first is the perfect summer album I think.  I should be seeing them this summer and I will have to report back!

This may be one of my favorite songs of all times.  The Wombats are amazing and even better performers.  I have no words except check out ALL their music.


These girls are incredible they are like 12 and 16 or something and sound AMAZING! I love all their ocvers, they also on the show Nashville on ABC.

I posted about this song already but it wasn't up on Spotify yet so I wanted to make sure you had it.  Whoops picked two sister groups this week.  But Im just a sucker for it.

New Release-

I love Tom Odell, I think he is talented and love the sound he creates.  Its so different but catchy at the same time.  For sure check him out!