7 tips for Writers Block

Okay, I have to be honest. Sometimes writing the blog is a really difficult thing for me. I can make wallpapers all day long, the design comes easy to me. It’s the writing that doesn’t. I get writer’s block allll the time. I get these ideas for posts I want to make and then think “but I don’t know what to say”. Then I do one of these things and BOOM I write a post in 20 minutes. So I’m sharing if you have writers block on anything, these are some helpful types I’ve learned along the way just to get stuff done!

  1. Get out in nature - This is my go to. Usually I just need to get off technology, and get outside. This helps me to really think about what I want to write without all the distractions!

  2. Try something new - This always gets me out of a rut and gets me thinking in a different way. I love a new perspective because sometimes that’s all you need to get you going.

  3. Go about life - Don’t get hung up on not being able to write. Sometimes if I just sit and stew I never get it done. But if I continue life like normal all the sudden this urge hits and I can’t be stopped.

  4. Scope out the competition - I like to look at other bloggers, see what they are writing about and what the audience likes reading! Sometimes I see a blog about gift guides, or tips and tricks and I think I could totally write about that. Don’t worry if you feel like you are copying someone. Because unless you literally are copying everyone has a different outlook and point of view!

  5. Do a writing prompt - This is my favorite, I love just googling writing prompts. I do a random one or sometimes I pick a topic and just write totally out of my element. All I need is a few sentences and then I’m confident enough to write my blog post!

  6. Set up your space - Nothing gets me in the writing zone like a nice cup of tea, some lemon water and a candle burning. I use my noise cancelling headphones and I get to work. Taking out the distractions and setting up a place that I feel comfortable really helps me

  7. Tackle small items at a time - Sometimes I put ridiculous expectations on myself and think I want to write all the blog posts for the rest of the month. That usaully just isn’t going to happen. But when I think of writing just one, everything seems much more manageable and easier to accomplish.

If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

Trying a New Fitness Class

Trying a new fitness class soon? I’ve tried a lot of new ones lately to just switch up my routine. And sometimes a new class can be scary. I totally get it, it’s intimidating but you’ve got this! And Here are some of my easy tips that will help you feel more confident!

  1. Don’t be afraid to call the studio! Ask what to expect, what to wear, if you need to bring anything and feel free to tell them this is your first class. They will tell you if its good for a beginner. Its their job to help you out!

  2. Get there early. Don’t be the first, because how else will you stalk what you need for the class like weights and where things are? But this helps you get positioned in the class to where you feel comfortable. Whether it’s the front of the room or far back!

  3. Since you got there early this is the perfect time to stretch it out. They will help you warm up in class but this never hurts to do and its better than just sitting on your mat getting nervous.

  4. Follow someone else’s lead. Watch someone else, you can see where and if they get towels. Or if they got weights and where.

  5. Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk where things are and what you need. Thats what they are for!

  6. Bring a friend. If that helps you to know you aren’t alone and someone to make eye contact with it really helps! It won’t be so scary if you aren’t alone.

  7. Bring water. Always a good idea you may not need during the class but it’s important to stay hydrated.

  8. In this same note, make sure you ate and aren’t dehydrated for class. I went to a heat class at 6 am when I woke up at 530. I hadn’t have enough water or anything to eat and I had to leave the class early. It wasn’t fun but I didn’t properly prepare my body for the class and now I know!

  9. Wear a cute outfit and buy a cute mat. Not sure if it’s just me but if I love my workout outfit then I feel a lot more confident. I’ve added some of my favorite items at the bottom of this post!

  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY .. BE CONFIDENT! You are taking time out of you busy schedule to do something good for you body. Don’t be harsh on yourself it’s going to be you first class and you’ll improve so much. So don’t compare yourself to other people in the class thats not who you are competing with. Pat yourself on the back, seriously its a big deal!

I hope these help and if you aren trying a new class soon tell me in the comments below! I will be thinking of you and with you in spirit. You got this!

Last Minute Gifts

You guys asked so here it is! Can you believe its almost Christmas?! I can't! Here are some ideas for last minutes you can get for everyone in your life! I also wrote a gift guide to your hosts this holiday season and I think there are some really good items in there!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site. 

I put together a list of items you can get for different people in your life if you need something in a pinch! Hopefully, this just gives you some last minute ideas! 

Mother's/Mother In Law's: My mom has this nice pair of leather gloves for the longest time and this year I decided to upgrade her and get some new ones.  I think this is a classic gift that's really nice! Another item I really liked is this lotion set. Its perfect for the winter months and great for someone you're stumped on what to give. 

Fitness Guru:

I found this awesome "post yoga" balm.  I think its a unique gift for all your fitness friends out there.  And you can never go wrong with an armband!

Sisters/Sister in Law

Who doesn't love some cute pjs or a robe.  I think these are nice extra gifts you wouldn't by yourself but would love to receive.  H&M has some cute ones that are perfect for the holidays season.

Also, I wish someone would get me these fleeced lined leggings, I think they will be great for the cold weather and so comfy! 

Brother/Brother in Law

I know when it comes to my brother-in-law's it's always tough to buy for them.  My one brother in law loves these slippers I got him one year and I think its a great go to.  I also found this Harry shaving set at Jcrew that I think is perfect for any man in your life!

Beauty Guru:

My one sister was looking for some travel size hair care.  So I got her this dry bar travel set.  I think its great for all different types of hair and lets them try out things before really committing!

I picked out this lip set because I think its got shades for everyone! Something for every day and something a little bolder.  I love the cute little travel pouch it comes in too! 

Stocking Stuffers (Smaller Items) 

I don't think you can go wrong with a pair of hat and scarf for any friends or family member in your life! Or this candle set, I'm obsessed with! 

And in my mind, you can never go wrong with a cute mug

Take a look at all the items here: 

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make post like this. Thank you for the support! 

My Current Style for Spring/Summer

Hi Friends! So if you didn't know this past year I have worked hard on each month getting some new pieces to really up my wardrobe.  I wanted to share with you some of my current favorite outfits for the warmer days! Some of my favorite places to shop recently are Tobi (they have awesome dresses and deals!), H&M and Nordstrom! Some of these items are from last season, so I made sure to link items close to it! 

Be sure to use Ebates, to get some money back on your online purchases!! You'll get $10 automatically! 

Outfit Round Up

Farmer's Market Outfit

                                              Dress  //  Jacket  //  Sunglasses  //  Shoes

                                             Dress // Jacket // Sunglasses // Shoes

One thing I love doing in the spring/summer is going to the Farmer's Market.  This shift dress is so easy to just throw on but looks so cute.  I like the jacket to give me a little bit of structure.  But this dress is a nice cloth material and would be cute for a beach day or going out for drinks.  I put the strap detail on my back so that I could wear a necklace! Its suppose to go in the front but I liked it both ways!

Spring Summer Fashion Clothes Review Tobi collaboration Farmers Market Outfit

Date Night

                                                                Dress  //  Hat  //  Shoes

                                                               Dress // Hat // Shoes

I love the cold shoulder look for a date night out.  I love this dress because it can really be dressed up or down depending on where you're going for your date! Pair it with a jacket and flats or wedges and a cute hat! This dress is so comfortable and has an elastic band to give you a nice waist.  It was a lot of fun to accessories this outfit with lots of rings and bracelets! 

Special Event

                                                                 Romper  //  Shoes

                                                                Romper // Shoes

Fun Fact: I usually HATE rompers.  Because Im petite usually rompers are WAY too short or just fit me weird all together.  But I am IN LOVE with this romper.  It fits me in the all right places. Even though it's a deep v the romper is pretty covering.  Don't be fooled I have fabric tape on, which didnt pucker weird like some material does.  The lines on it are super flattering as well.  I also like that there are sleeve since Im showing the legs and girls.

I wanted to keep the jewelry on this outfit pretty simple since I wanted the main focus to be the romper. I just love the combo of blush and gold. 

I also went with a black shoes because when I tried on a nude one I sorta just blended into one color.  I can't wait to be more tan to wear this out on a summer night!

               Earrings  //  Rings  //  Necklace  

              Earrings // Rings // Necklace 

Coffee Date

                                                   Shirt  //  Jeans  //  Shoes  //  Cross Body  

                                                  Shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Cross Body 

You can usually find me at a coffee shop once a weekend. Whether I'm catching up with friends or working on the blog I'll always be up for a vanilla latte. These Madwell jeans are a little pricey but I've never had jeans like these fit me so well, made of good quality, and be comfortable. They also do free hemming and you get $20 off jeans if you recycle an old pair!

Spring Summer Fashion Clothes Review Tobi collaboration Coffee Date Outfit

Rainy Day

Jacket  //  Shirt  //  Jeans  //  Shoes
Spring Summer Fashion Clothes Review Tobi collaboration Rainy Day outfit

So I've got a pretty far walk in downtown Cincinnati to work from my parking garage and sometimes it just absolutely downpours on me.  I wanted to get some duck boots because I hated wearing rain boots and then bringing in shoes to change into.  I got these shoes discounted to $30 from famous footwear and I love them.  They took some breaking into but they keep my feet warm and dry! I like to keep it casual on the rainy days! 

Tell me what styles you have been loving and where your favorite shops are! This is one of my first fashion post so let me know if you liked it and I can do some more down the line!!

This post was done in collaboration with Tobi, so big thanks to them! 

The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make post like this. Thank you for the support! 

14 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

I did it, I have FINALLY that person that works out in the morning. I will have to say that it was a little hard in the beginning and I made Henry join me in this process because I thought it would be really hard to get out of bed if one of us still got to sleep.

I have found SO many benefits, and really the only downside is that I can't sleep in and sometimes Im sleepy in the afternoon.  I try to drink decaf coffee because it's not good for people with anxiety and people with high blood pressure (check and check) but I think my body is use to it now and I don't need the caffeine!

Here are the benefits I have found already!

1. It's out of the way! My nights are a lot less stressful because I don't have working out looming over my head. I found it so hard to work out at night because I'd be tired and hungry.  So I'd either work out starving or bloated.

2.  I drink more water.  Water consumption I have really been working on and when I work out early I drink a lot more water and then that encourages me to drink more through out the day (at least more than I use to).

3. It gets my metabolism going. Enough said!

4. I make better food choices.  I usually am hungry shortly after and I don't want to fill my body with junk.  I also get ready for my day shortly after and pack lunch, I can tell I'm packing healthier things because bad foods sound heavy and I don't want to undo what I just did.

5. Im not over sleeping. Henry and I go to bed really early and some days I felt like we were sleeping too much making me more tired.

6. I'm sleeping better.  I feel like I'm getting a lot more restful sleeps when working out.

7. I start my day without social media.  I'm usually too tired at first to look at social media so I just get straight to my work out.  It's SO nice to start my day without being swayed by social media.

8. I start my day positive.  Getting in a routine has with working out has been hard.  But with waking up early I just start my day right knowing I did something good and have already accomplished a lot when I usually was sleeping.

9. My mornings are less hurried.  Since I am waking up earlier by the time I'm getting ready for work I'm not moving slow, so my morning isn't rushed at the end! 

10. The gym is less crowded! 

11. Nothing is scheduled during this time.  There are no conflicts, I felt like I couldn't get into a routine when I was working out at night because I'd be going to trivia, have meetings or go out and there was no consistency.  But since I'm usually sleeping at this time nothing gets scheduled then! 

12. I don't have the chance to talk myself out of it.  I try to sit up right away and since I'm tired at first I go through the motions of getting ready and there isn't a ton of time to procrastinate.

13. It's something really nice Henry and I can do together, to motivate and encourage each other.

14. I don't have to shower twice.  I usually shower in the morning for work but sometimes when I would work out at night I would feel like I HAD to shower. This makes life a lot easier.

So tell me when/where do you work out and what works best for you!