Collaboration with Elysian Market

Ah guys Im so excited! My good friend, Kaitlin and I have come up with some awesome wallpapers using her amazing abstract paintings themed around Valentines Day.

Be sure to check out Kaitlin of Elysian Market here!! You will be able to buy the canvases there and through her Instagram stories get some prints of the art as well! If you are interested, Kaitlin also does commission pieces tailored to your taste, you can reach out to here at

Here is some background on how this collaboration came about: 

Kaitlin is the fearless leader of the Cincinnati Rising Tide Society Chapter.  She is as kind-hearted and authentic as they come. This collection was focused on Valentines day to celebrate all types of love; love with friends, significant others and even self love.

The collection is named "The Future is Female". Part of this is in celebration of all the amazing boss lady's out there and really living out the moto of Rising Tide Society, "Collaboration over Competition".  It is amazing to be in the group and be surround by so many successful, powerful and helpful women. I have the names of each print under the photos as well! 

As always if you're interested in a collaboration with me feel free to email me at or head over to the contact page

We hope you enjoy these wallpapers with just the abstract art of Elysian Market or the Candidly Keri touch.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram for updates, and share which is your favorite! 

Photos of the paintings were taken by Kayla, a super talented photographer in Cincinnati!


Shattered Ceiling - Be You, Bravely

Dancing Feminist - Make Waves

The Queen in You - Calendar

Empower - Calendar


Shattered Ceiling

Dancing Feminist

The Queen in You




The Queen in You

Shattered Ceiling

Dancing Feminist