Morphe Brushes

Hi Friends, so if you didn't know I use to have a subsciption with Morphe through Live Glam where I got a monthly bag of Morphe Brushes for $20.  It usually was worth a lot more but I was trying to grow my brush collection for cheap and I really love Morphe brushes.  So I have hand picked my favorites to share with you if you're looking for some new brushes! 

makeup morphe brushes subscription review

This goes from left to right of the photo

E3- Precision Pointed Powder $16.99 - I love this one for contouring and blush with this pointed edge it can easily get into your cheek bones and works great for blush because its hard to pack on too much product on the tip.

E31- Deluxe Flat Buffer $20.99 This is my all time favorite brush for foundation and getting a flawless finish.

M176- Tapered Blender $4.99 So Im sure this isn't what this brush is used for but I love it for highlight because it spreads it nicely without making a stripe.

M433 - Pro Firm Blending Fluff $5.99 This is a great brush for the crease and getting your second color on your crease, its a little but more precise than a transition color brush.

M200- Deluxe Crease $4.99 - This brush is great for your overall transition color on your crease,

M441- Pro Firm Blending Crease $5.99 - This brush is even more precise than M433 but great for the crease as well.

M167 - Oval Shadow $4.99 This is just a great brush for shadow on the lid and packing the color on.

E39 - Detail Crease $4.99 I like this for detailed crease of course and to get the waterline.

I'm the type of girl that uses brushes for more than one use. I like to keep it simple but this is a great start to add any brushes to your collection! 

There are plenty of coupons through affiliates of Morphe (which means they get a percentage). But you get 10% off and I just pick one of my favorite at the time! 

makeup morphe brushes subscription review

What are your favorite brushes?! 

What I use to clean my Makeup Brushes! Tips & Tricks

Hi Friends! So as we all know I am a huge lover of makeup. I am a big believer thatyour tools are just as important. I try to deep clean my brushes weekly and spot treat them daily.  I have acne prone skin and your brushes can really hold bacteria so it is important to make sure you are cleaning them regularly! We all know I'm budget friendly here so here are some of the things I use to clean my brushes!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

how to clean make up brushes properly
Dawn Dish Soap, Ultra Dishwashing Liquid, Original Scent, Blue, 21.6 Fl Oz (Pack of 2 ) - This is great and super inexpensive.  Dawn breaks down grease which helps to breakdown the makeup.  It also is anti-bacteria and gentle on the brushes!

Eye Makeup Remover - Sometimes this helps to clean brushes too but it's really oily, so I only recommend if you're in a pinch!

Beauty Blender Soap - This is a little more pricey, but its gentle and moisturizes the brushes.  It also cleans SO well.  I use it on more than just a beauty blender. Highly recommend! 

Pot Holder - This is a super inexpensive trick I learned. You can clean the brushes with this mat and it deep cleans it. It works so well.  And is $5 at Bed Bath Beyond, there just no link online!

Swan Isopropyl Alcohol, 99%, Pint, 16 OZ It is important to know that you also need to clean your brush handles since there can be a lot of bacteria on it! It was news to me too!

Also, it is really important for you to not clean your brushes in hot of water because it can damage the glue holding the brush together!!

What do you use to clean your brushes?!


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May Morphe Brush Review

Hi Guys! Here is my review for the month of May Morphe Brush Subscription box through Live Glam. I was so excited to get a brush from the Elite collection, but I later found out that they are redoing the line and everything is 40% off.  Which made me feel less special but is super awesome if you want to buy anything from the Elite line! Here is what I got this month:

E1- Deluxe Powder (out of stock) For Powders -  I LOVE THIS BRUSH! I tried to use this as a foundation brush for liquid and that's not recommended.  But it is so easy to set my foundation with a powder and this brush.  Its so large and takes two seconds.  This is a game changer, highly recommend. 

M441 - Pro Firm Blending Crease $5.99- This is more of a precision brush. I would use this for the crease for the darker colors that you want precise.  And then go in with a fluffy brush. 

M433 - Pro Firm Blending Fluff $5.99 For blending eye shadow - This is a super fluffy brush and easy to blend things out, and I like the goat hair! 

Not sure the total for this month, but hoping for more face brushes next month!

April Morphe Brushes

Guys! This is the Morphe Subscription box I have been waiting for! If you've read any of my old review you would know that I have been dying for eye blending brushes and foundation brushes (hopefully thats next month).

Here is what was in Aprils Box!

April Brushes.jpg

M510 Pro Round Blender $7.99 - This is the fluffy brush that everyone talks about for blending.  I never have had such a fluffy brush and it really does smooth out harsh lines.

M505 Tapered Blender $5.99 - 505 and 504 are very similar but this brush is slightly more dense and precise.  I do have one complaint about it though that sometimes the bristles poke and me hurt a little.  First complaint about a Morphe Brush though.

M504 Large Pointed Blender $6.99- A more precise fluffy brush, I like this one for blending as well.

M330 Blending Crease $5.99- Really love this one to blend everything out!

M508 Smudger $3.99 - I don't know why but this is the best smudger I have ever used. It does exactly what it is suppose to without getting product everywhere.  LOVE this one!

The box ended up being of value even though I paid $20.  I am being to have a really large collection of brushes.  I'm hoping next month with be foundation brushes and then after that I may cancel my subscription unless you guys are loving this series! Let me know! Do you have this subscription box or any others? Leave me a comment below 

Morphe Brush Subsciption: March

Hi Guys! I hope you are having a great day, so today I wanted to show you what I got in my March Box for the Morphe Brushes in collaboration with Live Glam. Be sure to check out my post from last month about February and January's Boxes.

This month we got three brushes as shown below, and I wanted to update you with how much it would have cost if I bought the brushes individually for each box so you can see the value since we only got three brushes this month (a little disappointed in that).

March Brushes.jpg

This month included:

M527- Deluxe Pointed Powder $15.99 - I am absolutely obsessed with this brush for blush AND bronzing.  It is great at giving a slight contour without being sure sharp.  It gives definition without being too harsh.  It blends like a dream too

M501- Pro Pointed Blender $7.99 - One of Jaclyn Hill's favorites, it is perfect for highlighting. PERFECT!

M438- Pointed Contour $9.99 - Another one of Jaclyn's favorites and I can see why it is amazing for contouring

Again, I wish we were getting some brushes from different collections and I was upset with the amount of brushes.  But they are really great quality.  This box also had the first goat hair brush and it didn't shed.  I like it a ton, getting a few more boxes then I will have more brushes than I know what to do with!

This box total cost was 33.97 and I paid $20 which includes shipping.  I have updated February and January's Boxes with their cost as well!