Instagram Q+A

IM BACKKK! I took a much-needed break from the blog and social media, more on that in another post but I'm back and refreshed! So I thought I'd start with a post from the question and answer I had on Instagram! If you're not following me there, you should because a giveaway is coming soon! 


Do I have a full-time job? If so how do I handle both? 

Yes! I am a marketing analysis, by day. And to be honest, it getting a little trickery.  But I try to set aside certain hours every week and knock a lot out.  So, for example, I will sit down every other week and get all my post done for the next two weeks.  (That's not usually how it goes but I try.) I block out time to get certain tasks done all at once.  And I try to check social media a few times a day.  I think my lower engagement on social media hurts my growth but that's okay because it's all about balance.  And I promise if you ever tag me on social media I'll always respond! 

How did I get started?

I saw some wallpapers on pinterest that were calendars and I thought how clever and it would help me to stay organized at my first big girl job but every calendar I found were for incorrect months so I asked my then boyfriend (now fiance) to help me update them since he had a design background. I got a lot of compliments at work that I thought it might be fun to share! 

Why did I start?

I think this is a little different than how because thats how I sorta stumbled upon. The blog all really started after having trouble finding a job out of college. I worked as a recruiter for a little for a company I thought was a dream, but it was only a contract and then after losing my *dream* job, I thought starting a blog all about I had learned post grad would really help people.  I also thought the wallpapers would help you to stay organized at whatever you were working on! But Ive been at my current job for 3 years now so I sorta outgrew the find a job phase and Candidly Keri evolved from Life After Graduation. 

How many hours do I spend on the blog?

I'd say 15-30 hours a week, depending on if I worked ahead or if its wallpaper week! 

How am I?

Someone asked this and I thought it would be fun to answer honestly, rather than just with good.  I was really overwhelmed for a little bit there but taking a step back allowed me to check some major things off my list and now I'm feeling better.  But I'm anxiously awaiting our big move in 2 weeks! 

Can I make a tutorial? 

These next two questions sorta bummed me out but I thought it would be good to answer because I constantly get asked about changing fonts or styles of wallpapers I have created for free.  If you'd like a change to a wallpaper Im happy to do so for some money! My time is valuable and I create a lot of awesome stuff for free! 

A tutorial - sorry but that won't be coming, but behind the scenes, videos will.  As to how I make the wallpapers, I find photos I can use legally and create everything from scratch in photoshop from there.  Then Henry codes them and puts them on the site! 

Can you sell a Candidly Keri wallpaper?

No stealing my wallpapers and selling them is illegal since I own the rights to all my work. Tsk Tsk

Top 5 countries I'd like to visit?

Alright, a fun question to lighten the mood! I'd love to go to Greece, Germany, Scotland, some island like Bora Bora, and Czech Republic.

When did I discover my talent?

This is very kind, I just started making the calendar wallpapers thinking they could be helpful, I ever expected them to take off like they did! 

Where do I find my inspiration?

Nature mostly! I try to make my wallpapers centered around the seasons, I also like to mimic patterns I've seen.  Or I go on pinterest like everyone else and pin lots of quotes, and see what resonates with me the most that month! 

What keeps me motivated to keep working on the blog + social platforms?

Mostly anyone reading this! I know that a lot of people depend on me for wallpapers each month so that's why I feel like I can't stop.  I also just want to see where the blog goes.  Henry and I have improved our skills, design and the site so much since we've started.  We love growning and learning about all this stuff and I think that's a huge part of our drive! 

If you guys have any other questions drop them in the comments and I will respond! I love doing the Q+A and hopefully, we can do another one soon! 



CK Updates + Announcement

Hi Friends! I hope you are having a great start to your week! There are some changes coming to Candidly Keri and I wanted to keep all of you informed! As well as just give some information, because knowledge is power, am I right? Also, there is a TON of information in this post.  Please read all of it and answer the one question survey (there may be something in it for you).

Recently I attended my Tuesday Together meeting with my local creatives and we spoke about pricing and I came to the realization that  I am not valuing my time enough and charging enough for my work. Now I know that nowadays you can get anything you really want for free on the internet.

Make no mistake, Candidly Keri will still be serving free wallpapers twice a month.  But store items will be going up in price starting in June.  3-month wallpapers will be $5 and 1-month wallpaper bundles will be $3.  There are several reasons for this.  I thought I would list them so you know why I charge for wallpapers! First off, Henry and I are booked solid the entire summer, I wish I was kidding.  Between planning a wedding, attending weddings, being in weddings, moving and family obligations, we are booked.  Everything we do for the blog is in our free time, and I'm realizing how valuable our time really is.  In wanting to provide free items I will have to charge for others.  I also believe that here at Candidly Keri we provide quality goods, and frankly, we are worth it ;) A lot of work goes into these wallpapers and at first I low balled us to see if there was interest.  Also with having a website, I have to have a host that helps with these online payments.  They take a cut of everything I sell, and when they are taking about 50 cents from each purchase I'm not making much off my $1.50 wallpaper.  It wasn't very business savvy. 

I hope explaining all this helps to just give you a better understanding and know I'm not just trying to upcharge you! Of course, buying something off of the Candidly Keri website is the best way to support me! Or you could give $5 just to say hey I've really enjoyed the free wallpapers this past couple of years!

Support Candidly Keri

Other ways to support Candidly Keri - I know a lot of people may not want to buy something in the store and that's okay! There are other ways to support me that don't cost you a dime! 

1. I get a small bonus for everyone who signs up for Ebates or Digit.  Both of which are apps I love and use every day, and you get way more out of it long after you sign up.

2. Follow me on Instagram! Showing your support there with likes and comments not only helps my business but also helps my morale! It makes it feel worth it to do all this work knowing there's someone on another computer enjoying it!

3. Share Candidly Keri wallpapers! I LOVE when you guys share your wallpapers, it helps spread the word and makes my day. Be sure to tag me!

4. Join the mailing list! You can at the bottom of the page.  Youll be the first to know about wallpapers, sales, and roundups of my latest posts! 

Now for some house rules: 

1. I get emails all the time through either my work with me page, emails, or direct messages asking for changes to free wallpapers.  If you find a wallpaper that is free on my site and you'd like to make a change to it, you can purchase this item through the site.  I know that it may seem small to ask but I get a lot of these inquiries and it's not worth my time to be a personal designer for everyone for free.  I hope you understand.

2. Don't email me for a custom wallpaper with a budget of $0.  It shows me that you do not value my time or work and I won't respond. 

3.  On the same note, I've done a lot of researching and purchasing of fonts and images. I've put in hours of work to create better and better products.  If you'd like or are interested in creating your own wallpapers, please do your own research. 

Sorry if I sound harsh or grumpy, I have had people try to get me to make custom work for free multiple times on my time off and it's frustrating.  So I'm trying to gather all this information here so we are all on the same page! It takes a ton of time and my own money to run Candidly Keri and I see all you downloading your wallpapers for free. 


Would you guys be interested if I signed up for patreon and there were exclusive wallpapers on there? It would be like a monthly subscription that you would pay for and there would be calendar wallpapers and designs! The wallpapers made for patreon would only be available to monthly subscribers. Fill out this survey and you will get a coupon code to the store! 


Thank you to everyone, who have liked, shared or downloaded a wallpaper from me.  When I started this small blog I was a lost post-grad.  Making this site has made me grow in ways I could have never imaged and taught me so much.  I love the Candidly Keri community we have started.  Thank you SO much for your support. 

FAQ about Candidly Keri

Hey guys! Thank you again to all the people that entered the giveaway in the beginning of August! I saw from the store there were a few questions and Im here to give you answers! If you have more questions you can leave a comment on here or contact me and I would be more than happy to answer them! 

First off, I have a store

If you didn't know I have a store! This where you can purchase some exclusive wallpaper content especially 3-month wallpapers.  I also have up prints! 

I am open to collaborations!

Whether this means you want me to write about content, make special wallpapers, designs or logos for your company or personal use I'd love to! Thats where the collaboration page comes in! Just fill out this form and I'd be happy to get started with you and talk about pricing! 

Where can I print items from your store?

If you are doing something small, you can print it right off on your home computer.  I am trying to make it convenient for you! But Candidly Keri isn't big enough (nor is my apartment) to store physical products (yet!).  If you'd like something larger you can print them off at your local Fedex, Kinkos or somewhere that does printing for pretty inexpensive. 

What if I want to change a wallpaper?

Feel free to fill out this page on the store.  Currently, I make a lot of wallpapers free of charge and I get asked for a lot of tweaks without getting paid.  My time and creative resources are valuable and $5 if the going rate for a coffee so I feel like it's fair, what do you think?

I want my own wallpaper, where can I go?

You can fill out the same thing through the store, it is super helpful if you attach some of my old work to give me guidance! 

I hope this answered some of your questions and helped out a little! 

Check out my post about the behind the scenes of Candidly Keri and some questions I get about the blog! 

Candidly Keri Feedback & Giveaway

Hi friends! I hope that you are enjoying the updated Candidly Keri Site! I was so happy to get it updated and give it a fresher look! I am looking to improve the site even more, but I need your help! 

If you could please fill out this less than 5-minute survey that would be greatly appreciated! What's in it for you you might ask? A winner from the email addresses will be given a choice of a free custom wallpaper or something from the shop for free! *You must give your email in order to be chosen*

What are your favorite blog topics? *
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Have you shopped in the Candidly Keri store before? *
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Thank you so much! This giveaway will be open from July 28 - August 6!  A winner will be contacted after that!  

Custom Wallpaper Giveaway

It's giveaway time again! I wanted to thank you for all of your support and do another giveaway!! I will be making one of you your very own custom wallpapers within our capabilites! 

It's super simple on how to enter, here are the rules:

1. Follow me on Instagram

2. Tag 3 friends on my latest Instagram to share Candidly Keri with! 

The giveaway will last until Midnight June 4 EST time.  You can enter once a day all 4 days on any of my recent Instagram post, I will be posting once a day! 

Im so excited and I can't wait to make one of you, your very own wallpapers! I hope you guys are as excited as I am!