Staying on track during the Holidays

So last month I wrote about the start of my fitness journey.  And I have to be honest with moving soon, family visiting and holiday parties it isn't going any where near where I would like it to be.  I am sure that I along with many other people will have a New Years resolution but for now I have come up with a few tips and tricks that help you enjoy the holidays but not going overboard.

1. Drink Water - Drinking water is always important for flushing toxins, keeping your skin clear and over all health, but I have found that around the holidays I am usually eating unhealthy and water just helps me feel less bloated and sluggish. Also there can be a lot of calories in drinks so whenever you can substitute it with a water you're better off!

2. Limit the Holiday cookies - This one is super tough for me.  My family has an amazing buckeye recipe, and a chocolate ball with chocolate chips and powered sugar cookie.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I find myself often snacking on cookies through out the week, but recently I stopped snacking and limited the cookies to just after a meal (one or two) and it really cut my intake back.  Not to mention it was just better for me and I was usually full from my meal and ate less. 

3. Be Smart when Eating Out - Whenever I go out to eat I usually pick a meal that is something I wouldn't regularly make myself, wether its a salad or something with a lot of veggies.  Since the main reason I don't make those meals sometimes is preparation. I always try to get them at restaurants and find the healthier options. 

4. Pick wine or a low calorie drink - Like I said above, drinks can really pack an unexpected amount of calories.  Its fun to try new cocktails but limit it to just a few and if you're going to have more than a few either take a break with water or have just a vodka and tonic.  Cocktails with sugary mixers add a lot.  This is just an easy area where some easy calories can be cut.

5. Try to cook ahead - When traveling or visiting family it is really easy to go out for connivence but its hard to control portions and ingredients.  Packing food ahead of time or prepping food so you don't have to go out can really help you control the situation. Another trick I've learned is never go to a party hungry, always eat before hand so you aren't aimlessly inhaling appetizers.

6. Wake up 30 minutes early or go on walks - It is always nice to catch up with family while going for a walk, it gets you out of the house and it still helps you get some exercise in.  This way you're not missing family time but you're still getting your work out in. If weather doesn't allow you to do that then wake up 30 minutes early to squeeze in a quick work out.  It will start off your day right and not interfere with all your plans.

I hope these tips help you and make sure you don't stress too much! Its only a few days and you'll back on track in no time.  Happy Holidays!!