Spring Decor

I don't know about you but I am so ready for some warmer weather!! Now that I have my own place, I like switching out a few items in my apartment depending on the season.  So I wanted to share what I switch out and give you some inspiration ideas!

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1. Greenery - I love adding some green plants, succulents or faux plants to really liven the place up.  Here are some of my favorites! I love the white pots because of how clean it looks, but you could change out the color of the pots to add more color.  You also can go to places like At Home or Michael and make your own faux arrangement.  I just really like fake arrangements since you can keep them year round and don't have to worry about watering them!

2. Switch out your pillows - This is a super inexpensive and easy way to just change your whole room! I have been loving these recently, I clearly like geometric shapes! 

3. Decorative tray - I have a decorative tray on our coffee table and I love switching things out on it.  Wether it's candles, lanterns or what.  It's something easy to change for every season. Here is some inspiration:

4. Swap out candles - I love changing candles based on the time of year.  I love the floral and clean smells that I accociate with spring.

5. Switch out towels- Again another easy way to change the color scheme of your room! 

I really like greens, blues, whites and pinks.  This screams spring to me.  I think that adding rustic pieces is great for year round too cause with just a little tweaking the fit every season.  

So what do you do to change your decor from season to season?!


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