Social Media Detox

Have you ever took a second to think about how much time we spend on our phones and just scrolling our thumb through Instagram.  I know that the first thing I do in the morning is go through Instagram and Facebook seeing if I "missed" anything.  Did you know that if you spend 2 hours a day on social media that's a month out of the year, yikes! So I stumbled upon this Digital Detox from Yes Supple Co.  I wanted to share some of the steps and take-aways I had. 

social media detox review from yes supply review

So the "detox" is suppose to last 5 days but it's something that I want to implement hopefully every day.

Day 1 - Clean up the space

  • Delete and unsubscribe from emails.  *Pro Tip there is a site called UnrollMe and it is a site that will show you all of the things you are subscribed to and let you unsubscribe with one click.  It is such a simple way to unsubscribe, clean up your email.  There were often times I was subscribed twice to something.  Another thing I have done is unsubscribe from all store and resubscribe if I feel I'm REALLY missing something (aka deals)
  • Unfollow any account that doesn't inspire you.  I have really enjoyed this so I'm not scrolling so much and enjoying more what I'm seeing on social media.

Day 2 - No consumption until noon

  • The whole point is to start your morning how you want and make time for other things.  It really does start your day off differently.  I have started to implement not going on social media for the first 2 hours of my day.  This way I can wake up in a better mood and not be bombarded as soon as my eyes open.

Day 3 - Leave one social media behind

social media detox review from yes supply review
  • This one is a tough one, and you're suppose to pick one you use a lot. Remember this is just for the day not forever, but it seriously frees up so much time of your day.  It also makes you realize how much you grab for your phone too.

Day 4 - Only ever have 1 tab open

  • I liked this task a lot at the end of the day.  Sometimes its impossible to just have one if you need multiple for work or something.  But it really makes you focus on one task and then be done with it.  I found myself getting things done faster and moving from task to task quicker as well. I wasn't so distracted.

Day 5 - A media free day

This was touch and really hard to do in the winter with the cold.  So I did more of a half day and you have to prepare for a day like this.  I got ahead on chores, doing laundry, going grocery shopping and cooking from a cookbook not Pinterest.  I also bought a book ahead of time.  Its was nice, I'd love to take a half day every weekend just to get outdoors and force myself to do something else besides binge watching TV. 

So tell me are you willing to try out the digital detox? What are you thoughts?!

Try to live life a little less through your phone this week

social media detox review from yes supply review