September Intentions

So it seems that we are 10 days into the month and I'm just setting intentions, this is a lot of how my time has been going recently.  Two months out from a wedding is no job my friends. I find though the busier I get the more important it is to set goals and intentions so that I can keep working towards my overall goal.  So here they are for this month! 

1. Go on date nights - Even though Henry and I are spending time together planning a wedding and moving we need to make sure that we are still making an effort to connect and enjoy each other's time! So I have written down some places I want to try, like a new ice cream rolling place and I can't wait to just take some time to slow down and regroup.

2. Keep up with skin care - My skin care has slightly fallen to the side since we have been so busy but I wan't clearer skin.  So Im going to keep up with my usual products better, drink water do a mask twice a week and for the love of god hopefully not stress pick my face! 

3. Attend work out classes 4 times a week - With getting Billy I have been using our walks as exercise which they are, but Im not getting a good sweat in and I'd still like to lose 5 pounds.  So lets get to work! 

4. Be intentional with my downtime - Whether that setting up meetings, making to do list, getting my thoughts together or reading a book.  I don't want to at the end of the night sit down on the couch and watch 2 hours of tv and feel like I never relaxed.  I want to be more conscious of my time so that everything is hopefully a little less stressful! 

What are some goals or intentions that you have set for yourself recently? Any tips on how youre accomplishing them?