How to save money this Holiday!

Raise your hand if you love saving money! Seriously, the analytical part of my LOVES saving money so much.  Sometimes it is a little crazy, but if you are looking for ways to save some money look no further! I have posted about some of these things, here and there before but I wanted to make sure they were all in one spot.

Step One - Set a Budget.  I think this is one of the harder but neseccary parts of the holidays.  It's really easy to see things and be like "OH MY GOD ITS PERFECT (Who CARES about price)" but if you do that for every friend it adds up really quickly.  So I would make a quick note of all the people you want to buy something for and write down a budget for each. Most IMPORTANTLY write the total of that.  Its easy to be like oh 20 here, 30 there, 50 for this person and then you're like OH Im planning on spending 500 on friends. I use Mint to budget for all my needs and the holidays!

Sign up for Ebates - Im not sure why Ebates does this but it give you money back on some of your purchases varying from 1-10%.  They will automatically give you $10 just for signing up!! My mom earned back $120 last year ... I'll let that sink in. 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

All you have to do is "activate" Ebates on a site and it will give you cash back for your purchase.  I have the chrome extension to make my life easier but Im so excited to get a little extra money back after all the holiday spending!

Get coupons from Honey - This site is great! It also can be an extension in chrome.  How it works is it searches the internet for any coupon codes it can find, it then one by one applies to coupons and find the one which gives you the most savings! It is a little time consuming but WORTH IT.  Let me tell you I have saved so much! They also offer some cash back on sites they can't find coupons for but it isn't as much of a return as Ebates.  You can also use them both at the same time!

Wait for Sales & Free Shipping - Around this thing of year I feel like you should never pay for anything that is full price since there are always sales.  So I would say be patient and wait or ever look else where.  

Digit - Digit is an app that saves money for you with out even noticing taking $5 here and $10 there.  This helps me to feel like even though I'm spending so much I am also still saving! 

Make gifts yourself - I feel like gifts or letters that are from the heart are always worth more.  There are usually crafts you can get for inexpensive and just take the time to give a thoughtful gift this year.  Sometime that's more appreciated than a gift card or something! 

Also sell some of you items! Since you will be getting new things, this year I am doing some more "spring cleaning" in the winter time!  (Here's my post on how to purge your closet) There are plenty of places to get rid of clothes, Plato's closet is my favorite but I usually go to about 2 stores to try to get more money.  I have tried ThredUp, you can see my review here.  But it wasn't my favorite although I like that they donate to charity.

On of my favorite places to donate is H&M.  They take everything! I mean like even socks with holes in them and you get a 15% off your next purchase.  You can learn more about their program here! 

What are your tips for saving money this holiday season! I'd love to learn more!!


*This post is not sponsored but I do make commission off of some of the links!